Five Very Quick One Liners Books, Logical Reversions, Runs Runs Runs, Better Luck Next Year and the next logical ChatGPT question

Posted: April 2, 2023 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Holy Week begins with a small vanity announcement. The Mother of Mercy Catholic Center is now carrying my book Hail Mary the Perfect Protestant (and Catholic) Prayer.

When I saw the Canadian Government is sponsoring a drag camp for kids I’m reminded that before Christianity became big the sexualization of children was the norm in pagan places which explains why you see it advancing in post Christian societies

The two Red Sox games so far this year is a pretty good sign of what we are going to see this season: A team with no pitching that scores a lot of runs.

Much to my shock I was able to take Tampa Bay to five games and was actually up two games to one at one point so I put the fear of God in him.

Can someone explain to me why the guy who asked the ChatGPT to make a joke about Jesus (it did) but refused to make a joke about Muhammad (out of respect for religious sensitives) why he didn’t ask ChatGPT why Muhammad is off limits but Jesus isn’t?

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