Some Praise for Rebekah Jones (Yes you read that right) UPDATE CORRECTION or not

Posted: April 13, 2023 by datechguy in oddities
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Always look at the Bright Side of Life

Eric Idle

For some reason last night at work Rebekah Jones popped into my head.

You might remember he as the false whistleblower who tried to target the DeSantis administration during COVID and lately for trying to blame DeSantis for the arrest of her son who had been showing indications that he might like to shoot up a school.

But let’s ignore the false blame game and consider something for a sec. For all her mendacity  Rebekah Jones did a very hard thing that like most hard things turned out to be the right thing.

She saw what her child was doing and recognized it for what it was.

How many parents might have remained in denial? How many parents might have convinced themselves it was no big deal. Howe many parents, particularly ones who have a, shall we say, less than flattering public persona both in social media and beyond and might have decided they didn’t want to go there.

She didn’t do those things, she took the initiative and had her child placed in custody. It was likely a very painful action but by doing so she showed responsibility both as a mother to protect her child and as a citizen by acting to protect the community as a whole.

Now granted as I’ve already noted she tried to spin this all falsely for political gain which in fairness in completely in character for her so she deserves all the grief she gets over that.

But as we do so lets not ignore the fact that before she reverted to form she made a hard choice for the sake of all. Let’s give her a small tip of the fedora for that and pray not only that her child gets the help needed to return to normalcy .but that other parents given a similar situation make the right call for both their community and their child.

Update: Well I guess I had the wrong info there:

Police documents and warrant service reports, however, suggest that multiple students at her son’s former middle school reported him to teachers because they were worried he would shoot up the school. (Jones’ son is now homeschooled.) Snapchat messages obtained by the police as part of a search warrant do indeed return memes that joke about school shootings sent by her son. But they also show legitimately concerning messages he allegedly sent that appear to be specific threats against a specific middle school. The police report also shows in detail how the investigation was carried out, and the timeline of the investigation. The Snapchat messages in question were sent roughly six weeks ago, but police only became aware of them after students reported them to teachers on March 20. The documents show that police began questioning students immediately and attempted to question Jones’s son within a day of being alerted.

This is from Vice which is not known as a conservative powerhouse

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