Carlson, Lemon and Biden OH MY, Woke Warner and corps BudLighting themselves over Mother’s Day Under the Fedora

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Fox News Abrupt dismissal of Tucker Carlson for the crime of attracting the largest audience in cable for 100 weeks straight was a bit of a shock to many people. It just goes to show you that when the guy running the show is worth 11 billion something that will cost one of his companies tens of millions doesn’t phase him.

The only question left is this: Will a network like the one that grabbed Cuomo rush to grab him (which would be very smart) , or will he go podcasting? Or will he decide that hey I’m going to be paid $20 mil to do nothing for the next year maybe I’ll buy a few pinball machines and just relax for a few months, maybe watch some baseball?

Sorry Tucker all my Dynasty leagues are full.

On the same day that Tucker Carlson was handed his walking papers the same was done to Don Lemon.

The number of people who will notice compared to Carlson is minimal and has to be the biggest ego hit involved.

I don’t know Lemon’s contract nor do I know what his prospects are but apparently even in this society being a gay black man isn’t enough to guarantee you immunity from your own imcompetence.

And cripes if Carlson can get fired for being successful Lemon can go for being his namesake.

Speaking of lemons who should be fired the Joe Biden campaign for 2024 officially launched with a recorded video because of course old Joe can’t be trusted to make a live anouncement.

As I said yesterday it’s going to be tough to sell stealing an election for this guy but they also can’t risk a Bernie or a RFK being the nominee so here’s what I think will happen.

My prediction? Democrats will protect Joe Biden like the apple of their eye but once the nomination is locked and the convention finished the powers that actually run this administration will regretfully announce that he’s taken a nasty “fall” or old age will catch up to him peacefully in his sleep or his chopper will suddenly have a mechanical failure over water, but somehow when election day rolls around there will be a different face on the ballot when it comes down to election day.

I’m old enough to remember when that kind of thing would be a conspiracy theory that I’d never entertain.

Robert Spencer has announced that Warner Brothers in celebration of their 100th anniversary is going to be making mini remakes of classic movies from their past, in Warner’s own words:

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios, the Warner Bros. Discovery’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team today unveiled plans for a short film series that reimagines the Studio’s iconic films through a diverse and inclusive lens. Six filmmakers have been selected to develop and shoot 20-minute short film adaptions bringing a modern lens to the classic Warner Bros. titles A Star is Born, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Calamity Jane, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Prince and the Pauper and Rebel Without a Cause, with representative casting, storytelling and narrative.  

I thought this might be a Babylon bee thing but it’s not. Robert Opines:

The Bounding Into Comics site on Thursday pinpointed exactly what is so horrifying about the Warner Bros. plan: “After all, there’s nothing like celebrating your own history by attempting to appease those who unapologetically hate everything about it.” Or as investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield put it, “With diverse versions of the X-Files, the Little Mermaid and King of the Hill on their way, why not enjoy some butchered classics with more exclusively inclusive and diverse (no white people, please) casting?” No white people indeed seem to be the objective. We’re certain to see “people of color” cast in some, if not all, of the key roles, after the manner of Netflix’s new black Cleopatra. But who knows? There are likely to be gay and trans characters in abundance as well.

Are these people trying to Budlight themselves or what?

Finally we see that some kind of woke Memo has gone out to corporate America concerning mother’s day:

and the list is growing. David Strum opines

What’s particularly fascinating is that this is clearly coordinated somehow. Nothing like this arises organically.

So: who? I have no idea, except that it is likely some alphabet-person movement.

Why? This is easy: there is a widespread movement to destroy the family.

And, as you can see, corporate America has joined the fight. On the wrong side, of course.

Hey didn’t Joe Biden just say our kids belonged to all of us? So let’s cut Mom out of the picture.

I swear Budlight has become a verb because all these folks are making a huge mistake.

  1. bob sykes says:

    I’ve been a Kroger customer for 30 years and have an account with them, but I didn’t get the email, so it had limited distribution.