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Posted: April 28, 2023 by datechguy in culture, opinion/news
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After mass this morning I stopped by a local combo Butcher Shop and liquor store to pick up some hamburger. As I was leaving I noticed the Bud Light guy dropping off booze and asked him how things were going with the sales.

He noted that sales were down a bit and that on the highway that morning he had one guy beep at him to give him a thumbs down. I sympathized as this fellow had nothing to do with the idiotic decisions made at the corporate level.

That was interesting but not as interesting as what happened later that evening.

Tonight I took my wife out to dinner at Texas Road House because I had a hankering for a steak larger than what’s offered at Longhorn but without paying an arm and a leg as some of the fancier steak houses in the area charge.

The place was packed when we got there with a 30 minute wait but we were told there were two spots at the bar if we were willing to sit there. To my surprise my wife jumped at the offer so we ended up at the bar with big screen carrying the NFL draft. all around. It was a few minutes before game six between the Bruins and Panthers and TV’s were duly changed when the game started.

The first thing I noticed was that my seat was directly opposite the beer taps so I could see every draft bear that was pourced.

Now I confess this is not a scientific study and there were times when I was paying more attention to the Bruins game or my steak than the taps, but during the hour plus that we spent at the bar, while I saw many a Coors light poured, more than a few Sam Adams and plenty of the local Wachusett ales going out I did not see a single Bud Light leave the station.

Again I note I cant guarantee that I didn’t miss a beer or two that went out but that I would not see a single Bud Light sold in a national restaurant in a deep blue state can not be a good sign for these guys.

Frankly if I were them I’d bring back the King from the “dilly dilly” stuff and have him pass judgement on the Marketing Department, not for trying expand the reach of the beer but for hitting the customer base in the process.

I suspect a commercial declaring they hope to share the joy of Bud light with all while sending them to the pit of despair for their disrespect of those who already enjoy Bud Light with the crowd responding “Dilly Dilly” would send the right message without explicitly saying words they don’t want to say aloud.

Until they do I suspect I will see more of what I saw tonight because no matter how many patriotic ads you make it’s just too easy to order a Coors or a Sam Adams or a Wachusett instead.

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