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You want confirmation Captain? Take a look [Pointing to the Fleet burning] There’s your confirmation!

Tora Tora Tora 1970

For those of you eager to see what the sitting president does about banks suddenly failing let me remind you of something.

Three years ago some of us warned that allowing an election to be stolen rather than confronting the problem head on might have long term consequences that would shake the nation. But we were ignored, or cancelled or imprisoned

We ended up with mandates, drag queen story hours, an FBI acting like the left’s private gestapo, disaster in Afghanistan and War in Ukraine. And now bank failures while the crooks involved in this are amassing generational wealth.

All because people were afraid to make waves.

And if the bank with the woke risk assessor more interested in pride events than, you know managing risk or and Signature bank with former Democrat rep Barney Frank on the board fails, oh well.

Since both of these banks are Democrat donors or connected let me tell you how this is going to endvia Yes Prime Minister:

Sir Humphrey ApplebyBut if you knew they were crooks

Sir Desmond GlasebrookWe didn’t

Sir Humphrey Appleby: But you could have made enquiries..

Sir Desmond Glasebrook: You don’t make enquiries of that sort in the city. They seemed like decent chaps and decent chaps don’t check up on decent chaps to see if they are behaving like decent chaps.

Sir Humphrey Appleby: And ignorance is worth paying 14 million pounds for?

Sir Desmond Glasebrook: Ignorance is safety it’s not a crime to be deceived and it’s not our own money is it? [Turning to the waiter handing the him the check] Oh thank you.

Sir Humphrey Appleby: So What’s going to happen?

Sir Desmond GlasebrookWell there’s only one answer. The Bank of England must bail out Philips Berrison. No publicity keep it in the family, and that way we get our money back.

Sir Humphrey Appleby: At the taxpayer’s expense.

Sir Desmond Glasebrook: Of course.

Yes Prime Minister A Conflict of Interest 1987

You can bet your bottom dollar that Joe Biden’s bosses will make sure that these guys get every penny back to preserve confidence in the financial system because they are friends of the left .and if you and I have to pay for it, oh well.

Closing thought via Instapundit’s comment section:

“The government spent all weekend so they could bail out rich politically connected investors. Compare this to East Palestine Ohio where it took the government 3 weeks to even pretend to give a damn. Seriously the government worked over a weekend to just help out rich tech investors. Contrast that with 3 weeks before the feds did anything to even pretend to help out a community dealing with a massive chemical spill.”

#unexpectedly of course

Update: Don Surber Nails it:

As I watched the sudden collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, I marveled once again at how a geezer’s administration run by tokens of diversity can wreck the economy by turning mundane functions — say, unloading transport ships — into extraordinary catastrophes, such as a supply chain backlog.

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