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We start our trip around my blogroll with a little coffee at Ruby Slippers, a blog I really should be linking to more often. Mary Sue had this to say about the Coffee parties that CNN was so impressed with:

So, just how strong were these coffee party gatherings? One might describe them as intimate. North Carolina had all of five people show up An estimated crowd of 3000 protested today in Minnesota. What’s a couple thousand people though? CNN reports the two groups have much more in common besides their group strength, that is. Do they now?

Well both groups are made up of carbon based life forms that are made in the image of God that depend on the intake of oxygen to survive and are named after breakfast beverages, but beyond that I don’t see much. It is simply a truism that any group of any size that supports a cause that the MSM agrees with is more newsworthy than any group 50,000 times as large that they do not. It’s why the media is slowing starting to resemble a salesman who can only sell his wares to relatives.

Over at Legal Insurrection Bill Jacobson finds that one little word that would have saved Eric Massa his seat:

Timing is everything. Only recently, when it became clear that a single vote in the House may be the difference, was there a whispering campaign and leaks about Massa.

Massa’s departure has made it easier for Nancy Pelosi to get the necessary votes because the vote will be that close. If Obamacare passes later this week, as Pelosi is predicting, the departure of Eric Massa may be the reason.

Eric Massa may be paranoid, but that does not change the truth that people in the Democratic Party who wanted to pass Obamacare really did hate him.

Ask yourself this question: If Eric Massa had announced that he would vote “Yes” on Obamacare, would he still be in Congress?

Does he mean to suggest that Nancy Pelosi and company might actually consider letting someone stay in congress who is undeserving just to gain a vote? Why that’s a shocking suggestion. If you believe that then you’d believe that democrats would allow someone with tax issues to be treasury secretary or allow a person with irregularities to chair an important financial committee.

Finally Big Hollywood notes Megan Mullally’s shock at Jay Leno’s decision to appeal to a segment of the population hitherto ignored by the Hollywood elites:

She recently blasted former Gov. Sarah Palin’s stand-up comedy debut on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” at, mocking both Leno’s comedy bits and his attempt to woo conservative audiences.

“Could it be any more bald-faced that he’s going after the red states? It’s insane. It’s just right out there, full on … amazing. And she was wearing jeans [note: said with a drawn out snarl]. ‘I’m gonna wear denim! I’m gonna dress it down!’”

Sounds insane, all right. Why would the host of a popular late night show give a platform to a gorgeous, charismatic politician who appeals to a wide swath of viewers?

Yeah, having a best selling author who commands large audiences wherever she goes makes no sense. Does Jay actually think it will get him to #1 in late-night again? After all appealing to conservatives hasn’t done Fox any good in the ratings has it?

…in between the “snorkling” jokes and the guys attempt to keep from cracking up (and Mika shaking her head as it happens) there was a 60 second “role play” between Barnicle and Joe Scarborough over reports that Nancy Pelosi knew about rep Massa’s “issues” for a while.

Barnicle (as congressman x): Madame Speaker I’m a little concerned about congressman Massa “snorkling” in the house with congressional aides…

(At this point Willie buries his face in his arms to keep from cracking up on the air the shot is priceless!)

Joe (As Nancy Pelosi): Ok, I’ll take a look at this and if necessary refer it to the ethics committee.

If Nancy Pelosi did this the scandal is over and Pelosi is praised for decisive leadership.


I’m sorry the idea that Nancy “You First” Pelosi might act in a principled way is the funniest thing I’ve heard since someone once said in my hearing that there was no such thing as organized crime.

When covering the Iraqi elections she acknowledged the “cropped” cover from Newsweek.

There are times when Mika drives me crazy (and I’m not talking in the “handsome woman sense”) but I’ve got to say when she is wrong she is usually wrong honest and she tries harder to be fair than any liberal I’ve seen on TV.

OMB did I hear Norah O’Donnell just admit that the problem with Obamacare is with the democrats? Cripes did someone put journalism pills in their Starbucks today?

They now are laughing at rep Massa’s “atmosphere” statement.

A bunch of slides on how to raise money is equal to:

Patterson’s ethics issues

Rangel’s Ethics issues

Stark’s big mouth

Massa’s ethics issues

They opened with all of these eithics issues and started to shakes their heads to begin the 6 o:clock hour only to call the politico in that was shocked shocked by some slides from an RNC fundraising plan?

First of all those images are so tame compared to anything that the democrats were producing over the period of the previous administration that it is an insult to the intelligence to say that the person making the slide for a fundraiser should be fired. (In fairness Joe did mention this)

If I’m the RNC I’m so owning this and comparing the reaction of the DNC to this vs the ethics issues.

and lets finish up with the president and the judgeship.

The Add writes itself, you list the ethics issues and compare it to the slide finishing with: What outrages the MSM more?

And now their first new guest is going on about how “disgusting” and beyond the pale it is.

I’m sorry this if you were MSNBC you couldn’t make yourself more foolish by making the equivalency. Then again it IS MSNBC the fact that they are reporting both gives a glimmer of hope.