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I spoke to Jersey Jack himself on day 3 of Pintastic NE 2022

Day three of Pintastic 2020 started early for me with a trip to the extra ball lounge

A night’s sleep means a morning of pinball with little wait but once the vendor room opened the line for some games kicked in like the Weird Al Game

It’s an interesting combo of virtual and physical with of course Weird Al himself providing voice and music.

Day three continued the tournament that is a big part of Pintastic

These are the games to be played

The games that an individual plays are randomly determined.

Of course the vendors were still there with plenty of interesting stuff like this from pinovators

and the return of an old friend

You might recall I had interviewed the Pinbox 3000 crew who hinted at a big reveal and when they said “big” they weren’t kidding:

Alas there is only one of these but I suspect there will be enough demand for the big guy to be produced.

There was also a new face, Todd Tuckey’s daughter who was up to give him a hand:

My friends Hanna and Jake were doing their first Pintastic.

You’ll note them in the Pinovators video (Janna had showed up three years ago in the final hour) They had a grand time. They were not the only ones having a great time at the first Pintastic

Carline, Hanna and Jake all had a chance to play the new Toy Story 4 game despite the long lines.

That image of the three of them playing together and having fun is the essence of Pintastic.

For those who want a closer look at the game here is a bit of gameplay when I had a chance to play it in the Extra Ball lounge.

But the game I spent the most time playing, other than Arabian Knights was Doctor Who in the free play room.. Here is the person who brought it:

The free play room was hopping particularly since as soon as the vendor room was closed folks were packing up but before that happened I had a shot to speak to Anthony from Maine Home Recreation

Why were they in such a hurry to pack up? That story is for the final day of Pintastic.

I interviewed Todd Tuckey of TNT Amusements on day one of Pintastic NE 2022

A one of a kind machine only at Pintastic N#

One of the great things about Pintastic NE is running into machines that you can’t see elsewhere. This Jaws Machine for example is a one of a kind device from some familiar folks.

There are a lot of machines you see here and almost nowhere else. Another popular machine in the vendor room was the Weird Al machine:

I mean is there a more perfect subject for a machine?

Some other familiar faces are here The Pinbox 3000 crowd was back

Like Steve Ritchie he really gets excited about his work

and of course Pintastic NE isn’t Pintastic NE without the folks from the Electromagnetic Pinball Museum 

Or the Silk City Hot Sauce display

Yeah my battery died right a the end

One familiar face is Todd Tuckey who brought an unfamilar face with him his daughter

My interview with Todd will go up as a separate post later today.

I did another walkthrough of the Vendor room where I found a handy product

And talked to a fellow who brought a dozen machines from his collection to sell

By the end of the day the Indiana Jones and three others were sold (Indiana traded for another machines and cash).

And while I do not generally interject non-pinball stuff in these posts let the record show that I found out about the Dobbs Decision just as I finished by 2nd Ball on a game of Areosmith in the Extra Ball lounge and with my son visited St. Anne’s Shrine down to the road to pray.

I did get a chance to play Toy Story 4 (Pretty Good) Rush (Ok but I think it won’t wear well on the ramp shots over time) but the majority of my time yesterday was spent on Doctor Who and the Tales of the Arabian Knights

I’m meeting a friend here for day three, very much looking forward to it.