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…the post and the photos of the place is here, but there is a story that I didn’t tell.

It’s not about the story in the news (I heard rumors of it but I there were just rumors and I was there to cover an election so I didn’t dig) but there was something more basic.

As I wrote I was given a tour of the church place:

I want to give the thanks are due for the tour that was arranged without notice. It is a big place and it took quite a bit of a very nice lady’s time in the afternoon to let us see it.

What I didn’t mention is I got there around lunch time, so I had to wait a bit before someone was available our tour (I was there with my pal Joey). So while Joey and I sat waiting I figured I’d continue to pray my daily rosary.

I’ve mentioned before that I like the rosary because you can pray 31 different intentions on a single rosary. For whatever reason at one point in my Rosary I drew a blank when trying to decide on an intention. So I figured hey I’m at a huge church the secretary is right there I’ll ask her if someone in particular needs prayer. So I went over and asked her and we had the following exchange:

Me: Excuse me a moment, I’d doing my rosary right now and was wondering if you knew of anyone that needs prayer?

Secretary: We all need prayers.

Me: Yes I know but is there anyone in particular that needs prayer?

Secretary: I can’t think of anyone sorry.

This church has over 10,000 people who attend services, a school for k-12. She takes calls all day from people and sees the visitors who come every day and she isn’t aware of a single person in the congregation who has need of prayers? Nobody at all?

What do you have a church for if not to pray for each other?

Let me tell you something if I’m a person attending this church I’d be a lot more worried about this than any sins of Eddie Long. Pastors come and pastors go, everybody sins, but if your church isn’t supporting each other in prayer then it’s not a temple of God.

Put it another way: At the gates when St. Peter asks “Did you pray for your neighbor?” I don’t think you want to answer: “No but my church has cool sculptures!”

I wouldn’t bring this up even now, but at New Birth the congregation right now is taking a hard look at their church and if this is where the congregation is when it comes to faith and prayer then this is a church is in a crisis bigger than they realize.

I ask my readers to pray both or Pastor Long and the congregation. On the Rosary I suggest offering decade 14 Carrying the Cross or Decade 18 The mystery of the Pentecost

On Morning Joe the very handsome Mika Brzezinski was shown going up and down the Exorcist stairs 10 times. That is a spectacular display of physical health.

As people know the only shape I can credibly be described as is Round. I’m sure she would like me to exercise a bit more.

But physical health is not the only health that you need.

So Mika I’ll make you a deal, Get me down to DC and I’ll join you up and down those stairs 10 times. (I will have to walk I’m afraid) on the condition that on each trip (up and down) we pray one decade of the Rosary. By the time we are finished it both of us will be better off.

How about it?

Q: Why for my money is the Rosary the best prayer out there bar none?

If you are a New Englander you might remember that old beer commercial jingle: “Schaefer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one” In much the same way the Holy Rosary is an Excellent Prayer when you have multiple prayer intentions of varying importance that you want to pray for.

You can Offer the full rosary for an intention, you can offer an individual set of mysteries for a different intention and you can offer a single decade for an intention. You can offer the “Hail Holy Queen” at the end of a set of mysteries for yet another intention and if you pray it they way I do, you can even offer closing prayers (I go backwards back to the cross) for a particular intention. (I always offer the closing prayers for the Holy Father and his prayer intentions).

Even if you are offering just a single set of Mysteries that still allows for 9 different intentions (10 if you offer one for the opening prayers, I never do, I keep them as simple prayers of praise). That’s a lot of people you can handle on a single type of prayer.

Just to diagram it out Here is an Example of a Full rosary with prayer intentions (more…)