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Vrabel? Vrabel!

Posted: February 28, 2009 by datechguy in Uncategorized

You know I can see trading Matt Cassel to the Chiefs after all he was getting a ton of money to be a backup but Mike Vrabel?

I would have thought that Cassel would have been sufficient to get the deal done. Vrabel is effective on both offense and defense. He is old but has delivered time and time again.

Apparently I’m not alone in this:

“We’ve lost perhaps our best all-around football player. Defense, offense, special teams, Vrabes did it all,” Tedy Bruschi [stats] wrote in an e-mail. “His intelligence and on-field adjustments cannot be replaced. This team has just changed immensely.”

And he’s not the only one:

Former Patriots linebacker Steve Nelson was completely taken aback when apprised of the trade.

“I guess that means they’re happy with their young outside linebackers. I don’t know. You’ve really caught me by surprise. He was really a great player for them,” Nelson said. “He was a real leader . . . that’s kind of a stunner.”

And another one:

Harrison, who is still undecided about his future, summed up his feelings in a few words.

“It’s business,” Harrison responded via text message, when asked his reaction to the Vrabel trade.

You know its a weird move when I’m talking about the Pats during spring training. I can’t fathom it.

Don’t settle

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I was thinking about the comments that Chris made in this post and it leads me to say something very important to the people who say: “Parties don’t matter nobody cares for you etc…”

The moment you decide that there is no reason to vote there is no reason to think, there is no reason to try to govern yourselves. Everyone might has well bend over and kiss themselves goodbye because we have no control over our lives.

That is a very cynical and atheistic view. Atheistic because it is a view without hope or purpose.

I don’t and I won’t subscribe to that view. I think we can and should make a difference, I think that people can be inspired to be better than they are and to aspire to achieve for themselves and for others. I think that an informed and active populace can choose representatives that can lead our cities, our states and our country to become even better than it is today, and in case you aren’t aware of it; despite all the trouble we are having now, despite all the hard times, despite all the lost jobs including mine we are still DAMN lucky to live in what still is not only the greatest country in the world but the greatest country that has ever existed in the history of the world!

And I believe a large amount of our liberal friends think the same, they just have different opinions on how to get there.

This is a small blog, I have a small readership and a small customer base, but I’m very proud and thankful for that and will do my best to grow the customer and the readership base.

And if I can advance positions that will make things better for my wife and sons I will do my best to do so. If my political opinion can change even a few minds or even just get someone thinking about it I’m going to do my best to do so. And If I can persuade even one or two people to Christ in general or the Catholic Church in particular then I will be able to die proud. I am an incurable optimist I think things can and will get better, we just have to be willing to do it.

But none of this is possible if I’m unwilling to bother, and even if your goals are exactly the opposite of mine but your passion is the same your goals can’t be achieved if you are cynical.

Don’t settle for cynicism. If you do then I don’t want to hear you complain, if there is nothing that can be done then why complain, why bother?

Some people may be willing to live that way, as far as I’m concerning that isn’t living, that’s existing and I want more than that in life, and so should you.

My Thoughts on Rush’s Speech…

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I thought it was pretty solid, it was an unafraid speech clearing saying what he thought and why he thought it. It was a speech that displayed no confidence in the Obama Administration while full of confidence in America.

Although he didn’t know it CNN carried the speech. The twitter feedback on CNN was uniformly negative as all the conservatives were watching it on Fox. They might have figured calling him over the line and divisive would allow them to cancel his message while getting the ratings from showing him.

What they did instead is give him exposure to a whole different audience. Doctrine liberals will still remain what they are and the CNN logon people were beside themselves, but tens of thousands of people who likely never heard him talk before will hear this speech and decide that they have been fed a bill of goods concerning him.

The Sunday shows will be very interesting tomorrow.

Update: Hot air has the speech

The test of the media

Posted: February 28, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Instapundit reports that there have been “Tea Party” protests nationwide drawing anywhere from 100 to 1500 people. They have been pretty much self made spread on the web using tools such as twitter.

It will now remain to be seen if and how the media reports on these protests particularly if they continue. Because dissatisfaction over what is going on is not confined to supporters of the president.

It will be very hard to pooh pooh this stuff if people in their towns and cities see it going on and ignored. Particularly when the “tax cut” is only a withholding adjustment that will be paid back anyways.