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You know when after a Vatican investigation of the head of a major catholic order it is decided to:

invite the father to a reserved life of penitence and prayer, relinquishing any form of public ministry. The Holy Father approved these decisions.

That suggested there was some there there. Well it took a year after the old man’s death but this stuff is finally coming out publicly:

The Legionaries of Christ, an influential Roman Catholic religious order, have been shaken by new revelations that their founder, who died a year ago, had an affair with a woman and fathered a daughter just as he and his thriving conservative order were winning the acclaim of Pope John Paul II.

Before his death, the founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, had been forced to leave public ministry by Pope Benedict XVI because of accusations from more than a dozen men who said he had sexually abused them when they were students.

Lots of commentary, starting with the American Papist who is all over this:

the Legionaries of Christ have some hard decisions to make with regards to how they respond to this crisis concerning the founder. The eyes of the world are on them, and the prayers of the universal Church are with them. It is somewhat encouraging to see that the current head of the LC’s personally saw to it that a thorough investigation took place. Now let’s hope they follow through on their discoveries.

And he has plenty more on the subject: (more…)

Standing his ground

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It looks like This is not going to go away. Darren Hutchinson is hot and angry and shows no signs of backing down:

But this forms the basis of the charge of hypocrisy. Human rights groups detailed in numerous policy statements the specific aspects of Bush’s program with which they disagreed. These practices certainly included rendition to torture and indefinite detention, but they also involved the lack of judicial oversight and denial of access to counsel. If liberals now believe that some activists overreached by criticizing the lack of judicial oversight or legal representation in their arguments condemning Bush, then they should express this point. It is absolutely disingenuous to argue instead that human rights groups only disagreed with rendition to torture and indefinite detention, when the organizations’ own words demonstrate that they made a fuller set of arguments.

Furthermore, describing Bush’s plan as “extraordinary” does very little to defend “rendition” in the Obama administration. Labels do not give rise to human rights violations. Specific practices do.

This back and forth is going to be interesting to re-visit at the end of the Obama Presidency.

The Curt Jester will not be going Kryten…

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…over a group of 50 US Catholic (and I use that word very loosely here) sending a letter to the pope concerning the lifting of the excommunication of the St. Pius X society bishops.

Obviously there are no IQ tests for congressmen. The first thing you might want to do before signing a letter addressed to the Holy Father is to make sure you are factually correct or perhaps even in the ballpark. I guess I must have missed the announcement that Bishop Williamson was reinstated – what diocese was he assigned? It is also of course true that the majority of these same Catholic Congressman have 100 percent NARAL records. I guess they are also all holocaust deniers. They deny the holocaust of abortion that has killed 50 million children while at the same time voting to support abortion. There have more than a log in their eye when condemning the Pope, I think the Amazon was deforested to provide enough logs for their eyes.

The ignorance or dishonesty of the media is nothing new, just too bad that Catholics join into this.

The reason he won’t be going Kryten is he wasn’t willing to take a Sucker bet, you can’t get outraged over what you expect. If these “Catholics” can’t understand the whole “Abortion is Bad” concept do we expect them to understand Excommunication?

Father Z is all over this stuff. After all he called it.

He recommends a prayer for the pope here. My prayer of choice for the pope is this: At the end of the Rosary pray the end chain backwards (1 glory be, 3 hail marys, 1 Our Father, one Creed) and offer those closing prayers for the Holy Father and his intentions.

Hear Hear!

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You won’t hear me say that about Daily Kos very often but this post deserves it strongly:

To: Anyone who sent his or her resume to my transition team
From: The President of the United States

Please pay your taxes. We kinda need them, what with the financial crisis and the massive stimulus spending and whatnot. Thanks.

No Andrea Mitchell or Doris Kearns Goodwin nonsense for Trapper John. No blaming Bush. A straight out do the right thing. Wonderful!

I can’t say the same for Marc Ambinder.

He is very sensitive to public opinion, and his public image has taken a major beating. He was portrayed emphasis mine as a tax delinquent, a guy who lived by a different set of standards.

This is opposed to what it turned out he actually was: A tax delinquent, a guy who lived by a different set of standards.

Via Jules Crittenden who is having an awful lot of fun with this.