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Blogging will be off and on today…

Posted: October 18, 2009 by datechguy in personal
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…as between Mass and my son’s birthday party I’ll be a tad busy.

yes I admit it I stole that line from Tim Blair’s commentator surfmaster of down south and in a bit, however it perfectly encapsulates the excellent poem on religious freedom that I am now stealing from Tim Blair main post:

The Pope’s a total Nazi
What’s the deal with those Hindus?
Judaism’s not so bad
Except for all the Jews

Hey, Buddha! Would it kill you
To wear a frickin’ shirt?
I can say most anything
And I’m never getting hurt

But let’s not mention Islam
We’ll play it safe instead
It’s hard to make religious jokes
When you don’t have a head


To say I wish I said that is the understatement of the year and perfectly encapsulates the problem with Radical Islam and it’s defenders. As for the rest I submit that God has a sense of humor, after all he created man.

As for the supports of Islam, if you don’t want to be laughed at and called a bunch of barbarians, I suggest you stop acting like a bunch of barbarians to wit:

A Somalian Muslim group reportedly has started whipping women in public for wearing bras that violate Islam, the Daily Mail reports.
Residents claim insurgent group Al Shabaab sent gunmen into the streets to round up women who appeared to have a firm bust. The women are inspected to see if their suspected firmness is natural or from a bra. Officials reportedly make the women shake their breasts after removing their bras.

Can a fatwa against Meagan McCain and Rule 5 Sunday be far behind?

And Yes Radical Islam deserves a Nelson every day of the year.

This was the letter I sent to the editor of my local paper concerning this article that I blogged about yesterday:

The Bigotry of low expectations


I was quite distressed reading today’s paper that our Mayor running for re-election apparently is planning to endorse the count of illegal immigrants in the Census count.

The suggestion that we should aid those disobeying United States law to continue to violate it is troubling enough, but the idea that we will do it in order to for our advantage as a city to increase the share of state and federal funds paid by our fellow tax payers to support said illegality is frankly disgusting and dishonorable.

Our city is rightly proud of our immigrant history. Italians, French, Finns, Irish and Poles are just some who came not asking for accommodation and assistance but in gratitude for the chance of a better live for themselves and their children. All contributed to our city without violating federal laws. Encouraging illegal immigration insults their memory AND a treats a whole race of people as peons to be cared for rather than equals to be accepted as fellow Americans. I can’t think of a more patronizing or bigoted action.

Some don’t want to enforce these laws. Tell me; shall we choose to ignore the fair housing, gun control, labor or minimum wage laws? Perhaps we can ignore the laws on gay marriage? We live in a representative republic, if we do not like the current laws we can elect representatives to modify or repeal them. Selective law enforcement is tyranny.

If a person running for office is unwilling to enforce the laws they will be sworn to uphold, then they should not stand for office. If a public official feels as an act of conscience they can’t enforce the law they should resign. Otherwise it is their duty to uphold the laws of the land. This is part of the series of rights and responsibilities that come hand in hand with a representative republic. If our mayor is unwilling to support federal law she should stand down.

As of this writing I don’t know if it will be run, we will see.