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when the game was oursMy Amazon Vine review of Larry Bird & Erwin Magic Johnson: When the Game was Ours by Jackie MacMullan is available at here.

I am a baseball guy but this book was excellent, it’s a story of respect and hard work and most importantly respect for the game and how it should be played.

The Boston Globe should thank its lucky stars that it has people like this writing for its sports page. The Globe’s sports page is the best in the country and it is the only reason to keep buying one of the most useless newspapers in the world.

Update: Within 2 minutes of my review going up it managed a negative vote. That was pretty fast. I wasn’t aware that it was such a poor review. You would think I had an anti-fan or something.

that Jules Crittenden wrote about today:

The recently elected Democratic President of the United States can’t fill a room in bluest Massachusetts. Surveying the nearly half-empty Westin Copley ballroom, 2008 “Yes We Can” Hope-and-Changer Barack Obama says on behalf of his longtime political doppelganger Deval Patrick, who in 2006 was the “Together We Can” template O drew on:

“There really should be no doubt that this guy gets a second term. But let’s be honest. This is going to be a tough race … ”

Boston Herald. Geez. I’m sure Deval is glad to have the $600,000 grand, but maybe Barry should have done him a favor and stayed in D.C. To avoid the Bush-like embarrassment of low turnout and protestors. And we aren’t even a year into the first term yet.

Boston Globe helpfully plays down and buries five long graphs down but can’t quite ignore Obama’s low draw.

I asked him about the event and his words:

You couldn’t give the tickets away

The real question is this, is president Obama not much of a draw (remember Hillary crushed him in Massachusetts despite the support of every poll in the site) or is it Governor Patrick is just a bad governor? I’d say both.

Full disclosure, I met the governor when he did an event 8 doors away from my house back in the days when 3 was running 3rd in the democratic primary, it was sponsored by the then owner of the coffee shop and both of my son’s attended. I have a picture of one of them with him. He is a soft spoken man and was very tolerant of my opinions as a republican and made his arguments in a cogent fashion. I of course didn’t support him but he seemed like a decent intelligent and reasonable man. I’m really surprised that his has been just a disaster.

I’d be happy to have him as a neighbor, nice guy, decent man, lousy governor.

A: Because of the difference between their rhetoric and their actions to wit:

That picture happens to be of Joseph Chicoine, an autistic 20-year old college student who is a friend of my brother and I. We put a picture of him on the top of our blog, something that made him ecstatic. We made a difference in his life. We put him next to his hero John McCain so that everyone can see him in that light.

And along comes Cato the Elder, who could do nothing better than to insult an innocent autistic gentleman.

What has Charles Johnson done about this? Not only did he start the feeding frenzy, but he’s read our blog and knows that it’s an autistic student, but he refuses to take the comment down. If HotAir or Rush Limbaugh did this, he would insult them until his fingers bled. Instead, he promotes this sort of personal attack, being a blight on the blogosphere.

And Even Cato has now requested the offending comment to come down.

You know Jumping in pools has been getting a bad rap lately. It’s a real shame.

Not as much of a shame as Charles has been but it is a shame.

A: Because no matter how bad I was treated and how poor the customer service was I could not in good conscience recommend windows Vista to a computer user when there was another alternative.

However windows 7 is now out and everything I’ve seen on it has been positive. So like Younger Bear in Little Big Man I can recommend Windows 7 over an Apple without becoming an evil person.

So excuse me while I do my dance of joy.