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Well not really but it’s kinda funny to see this on the Britanica blog:

Many people may not have heard of ICANN, the organization that oversees the Internet’s top-level domains (TLDs; e.g., .com, .net, .org, .edu, .us), but a decision that they reached will likely affect millions of Web surfers, making it easier for them to identify porn sites from…ummm…non-porn sites. At its conference in Brussels, ICANN’s board gave initial approval for the creation of the .xxx TLD. According to the ICM registry, which backed the bid, there are some 110,000 pre-reservations for the domain–and they expect the first sites to pop up sometime in 2011.

This is actually rather significant in one respect. I talked to a friend of mine from my old HiWired days concerning porn and virus’. He said that 19 times out of 20 the virus’ we found on people machines were caused by surfing for porn. Said virus’ were always more likely to be found on a machine that didn’t use a “reputable” porn site. It will be interesting to see if this kind of “Red Light District” for the net will make it less likely that people trolling for porn online will find a electronic venereal disease.

On a less serious note that really ages me why is it that this story being in the Britannica blog makes me think of a bunch of teens from a century ago sneaking peeks at native girls in National Geographic? Is there anyone alive using the net old enough to get the reference?

in the area. Tornado activity is not something you see often around here and the storm track indicates it should miss here but if it changes direction blogging might be interupted.

If you are in the path of this storm I suggest in addition to seeking shelter unplug your pc etc. If you have a guarantee on your surge protector that is good, but not having to make the claim and having a working PC…that’s better

Sticky Notes Error on Windows 7

Posted: April 3, 2010 by datechguy in tech
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If you aren’t familiar with the “Sticky Notes” program you ought to be, basically it is a small app that allows you to create post-it type notes that can be placed on your desktop. These can be used as reminders for all kinds of things, VERY useful.

After my last windows update My Sticky notes program decided to stop functioning. As everything else was working one doesn’t want to be constantly undoing updates since you might end up creating security holes.

My first step was a simple uninstall/reinstall. This failed to solve the problem meaning that the update didn’t overwrite any file within the Sticky notes program, this suggested that the issue might be with a system file the program used

Lucky for us the old XP SFC function (System File Checker) carries over to windows 7. This is a function that can repair and re-write damaged system files. It can be accessed as follows

Go to Command Prompt (enter command prompt in the search box to access it)

On the Command line enter the following “SFC /SCANNOW”

This will begin the scan of system files. I would strongly recommend not playing with anything while the scan takes place. It will take some time but it will repair any system files it finds off. One advantage of Windows 7 is you will likely not need system CD’s for this function to work. In XP it often called for the install disks during the scan.

When it is complete you you should have your sticky notes working once again. You may have to change the icon back, but the program will work.

Tim Blair reminds us that everything costs something, in this case an upload costs 1.6 million:

A MAN who bragged about illegally uploading a Super Mario Bros computer game to the internet yesterday agreed to pay manufacturer Nintendo $1.6 million in a landmark anti-piracy court settlement.

James Burt, 24, agreed to pay $1.5 million in damages plus $100,000 in court costs to the gaming giant behind the hugely popular Wii game.

The Laws are on the books and companies are going to use their lawyers to make sure they are enforced. Until and unless they are changed ask yourself, is it worth it?

When you put the need to play a video game next to say Nujood and woman under Islam it really puts things in perspective doesn’t it?

And unlike Nujood, James did this to himself.

I’d hit him with a nelson but he’s going to be paying for this literally for the rest of his life, so I’ll spare him than and suggest we don’t repeat his mistake.