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The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.

Louisiana Gov Edwin Edwards 1983

10th Doctor: Actually, the most impressive thing about you is that after all this time, you’re still bone dead stupid.

Doctor Who The End of Time Part 2 2010

For people who are both supposed to be progressives who have rejected the norms of Christianity and the smartest people in the room our democrat friends seem to be not only out of touch with reality but bone dead stupid as they still think it’s 40 or 50 or sixty years ago.

For example if Edwin Edwards running as a Democrat was caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl today, not only would he lose no votes from the party of “Drag Queen Story Hour” but the media would call anyone who objected “homophobic” if it was a live boy or “necrophobic” if it was a dead girl.

Put simply there is not a registered Democrat or Independent today who will vote against any Democrat based on a sexual tryst of any type.

But you know what a Democrat or independent will vote against a Democrat for, if they think their policies put them in physical danger.

This year both crime and illegal immigration are issues that are killing Democrats in Georgia, New York, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and all over the nation. The rise of violent crime particularly and the fear thereof is front and center almost everywhere.

So I ask this question to the Democrats in media, in politics and online: Ignoring for a moment the facts of this particular case, What narrative would you rather have dominating the news in the week before this election?

Paul Pelosi, husband to the person 2nd in line for the presidency while taking part in a tryst with a man in the Gayest city in America, which is nobody’s business but his own, was injured in his own home when it went bad.


Paul Pelosi husband to the person 2nd in line for the presidency residing in the most Democrat City in the Most Democrat state in the country was violently attacked in his own home by a mentally ill illegal alien who somehow gained access to it.

I submit and suggest the first story wouldn’t cost the left a single vote they hadn’t already lost years ago but the 2nd is dynamite because it suggests that under Democrat rule even the spouse of the one of the richest and most powerful Political leaders isn’t safe in his own home in a year when both crime and illegal immigration are issues front and center.

Now the facts are what they are and hopefully they will all be out there quickly but when I see every Democrat pushing the 2nd line thinking it will hurt the GOP all I can do is laugh and think of Casey Stengal’s famous cry when he saw the ineptitude of his 1962 Mets:

Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game? 

I love this tweet and my response:

Think about it for a second. If “immigrant activist” groups thought that places like DC or cities like Chicago and NYC and other places run where the Democrats have huge majorities were so wonderful they would be cheering that illegal immigrants (what they call ‘migrants’) would be settling there for a good life.

Instead they are angry and upset that the Governor of Florida or the Governor of Texas would send them there.

Apparently these activists believe that those Red States offer a higher quality of life and a better potential for these poor souls than the blue states do and given blue states attempts to turn said states into crime ridden hellholes I suspect these activists are right.

If I was DeSantis or Abbot I’d be making this point very loudly, frankly I’m surprised Christina Pushaw hasn’t yet

One wonders if the trade is triangular

by baldilocks

The Organized Left seems to have a limited set of tactics. But, I’m fascinated by the logistics of the following, not to mention the audacity.

The Assembly of African Migrants — a confederation of about 3,000 people from various African countries currently in Tapachula, Mexico — launched in the past week, according to La Jornada, citing assembly leaders. The group issued its first press release Thursday, describing its origins, how members have suffered since entering Mexico, and their demands.

“We, the people of African origin, forced to remain in Tapachula, suffer an unbearable humanitarian situation related to nurture, housing, health and hygiene; as well as systematic discrimination by immigration authorities,” the press release began. “Since we left our countries, for us life has been a permanent escape. We feel despair, hopelessness, fear, demoralization, loneliness and abandonment.”

The Assembly of African Migrants is made up of illegal immigrants who traveled from the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Cameroon, and other African countries. They said they left their countries, traveled across South and Central America, but have remained detained in Tapachula, a city on Mexico’s southern border near Guatemala.

Thanks in large part to pressure from the Trump administration, the Mexican government has dramatically stepped up enforcement against illegal immigration. While the majority of illegal migrants traveling through Mexico are Central Americans, thousands of African migrants have also found themselves stuck near Tapachula’s federal immigration office.

If you’re blown away by the irony of this – especially juxtaposed against the New York Times singling out the United States for its alleged birth defect aka enslavement of black Africans – don’t feel as though you’re alone.

But the same question keeps popping up every time I read about this: who owns the fleet which is bringing these Africans across the Atlantic Ocean?

I’d guess that it’s the same entities who got them organized into an “Assembly,” wrote their press release, told them to march, and supplied them with the lovely Spanish-language signs. (Several possible culprits are listed here. Spanish language.)

Also, I’ll bet that the US Navy has the ferrymen identified.

Another question: has anyone warned these poor Africans about the horrible white supremacism and toxic masculinity rampant north of the USA-Mexico border?

I’m guessing not.

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