Apple Strike one

Posted: October 23, 2009 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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Well we called apple today and we apparently will have to PROVE that it wasn’t accidental.

My son is 18, this is the first computer he has ever purchased, he bought it with his own money. He is active in facebook and school and has a father who blogs loudly.

With currently life expectancy he has 50+ years of computer purchases ahead of him.

We are heading to the apple store to determine if any of those future purchases will be of apple equipment and to determine if my first personal experience of Apple quality and support will convince me to steer people away from the company.

So far it’s apple 0 and Squat 1 but we will go direct to the store and see. I’ll update you in a few hours.

  1. curtis says:

    I’ve seen Apple take back machines for less, especially when they have an AppleCare warranty. Here’s to hoping they keep up that excellent tradition. If not, they don’t deserve you (or your son’s) business.

    Good luck!

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