Audiance questions for Willie Geist and Barnicle in Framingham Massachusetts

Posted: October 22, 2010 by datechguy in media, special events
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Over 100 people showed up for the event, the seats were full and quite a few people stood in the back. Willie and Mike took questions for quite a while. Here is a sample of the audience questions

A question about Pat

A question about Twitter

A question about Mika

That last one was shaky because I was trying to pick up my case that fell on the floor in the way.

How the show got on the air

On what time they get up for the show

On Jon Meacham:

Meacham makes me laugh, he may be bright and know history but I don’t forget Newsweek sold for less than the price of a Whopper Jr. after he got his hands on it.

On political content

Barnicle’s Ted Kennedy story

I never heard this story, and yes I’ll give Kennedy credit for it, giving hope to a friend when he needs it is an important virtue.

A question about the writer’s strike

On who they would like to have on but haven’t yet

What he thinks about things:

Willie on his dad

About getting up early after an event

The event was a lot of fun, I stayed to the very end. The people were delighted to meet Willie and Mike

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