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Over 100 people showed up for the event, the seats were full and quite a few people stood in the back. Willie and Mike took questions for quite a while. Here is a sample of the audience questions

A question about Pat

A question about Twitter


Mike Barnicle talked to me at the end of the event in Framingham Ma

I have a really soft spot for Mike Barnicle, since he’s from my home town.

I actually didn’t get my question on camera, I asked about the appeal of the show to a conservative audience and if it makes waves at MSNBC

I actually think the audience was a bit surprised at my “outing” myself as a conservative. The Jim DeMint thing was a running gag of the night.

Betsy was the only attendee who was willing to do a short interview with me

I’ve really got to stop announcing myself as a conservative in rooms of liberals if I want more people to talk to me.