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According to this fellow something that he accuses of Durant doing 10 years ago (that has no basis in reality) proves that Durant is trying to steal an election that he has been ahead of in every single count. This is even though in every city where Mr. Durant won, the recounts were held in a professional manner and matched exactly to the counts of election night.

Meanwhile in Southbridge you had a ballot boxes cracked open, one box not tied, no controls on the people in the area of the recounts and (by an odd coincidence) you have two extra votes for the democratic candidate (recall that the initial reported lead for Durant’s was 2 votes) and the town clerk happens to be the cousin of the democratic candidate. Yet this gentleman sees nothing odd here.

Let’s remind this gentleman that the judge who heard this case a decade ago took all of five minutes to decide that arguments of the lawyers opposing Durant had all the credibility of the candidacy Alvin Greene of South Carolina.

However who needs that when you have this:

Keep in mind Howard Potash told me that over 200 dead voters voted in the Great Recall Election

Tell me did Mr. Potash tell him that the Moon is populated by Mice with spiked haircuts? I suspect if he did this gentleman would believe him since apparently the arguments made before a judge in a court of law can’t compare to hearsay told to a blogger by a lawyer in a losing case not under oath.

Ya gotta love the left, they are never more fun than when they are in panic.

Apparently this was not in Philly

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at least I assume not after this story by Michael Graham.

I consider this art, true it lacks the ants on Christ, homoerotic images and Ellen DeGeneres’ breasts so it might not be ready for the Smithsonian but I liked it.

Via Lucianne

…btw Bill Quick is right.

7:40 p.m. The Panel believes the Tea Party should steer away from social issues. Personally I think we are deluding ourselves if we think that this will make the media like us more but the tighter the focus the easier to make the pitch.

7:20 p.m. What would we do different? More local events, reach out to public.

7:10 p.m. “This is not what we were told it would be!” Linda DuVal on what people who were informed by the media about tea parties said after attending.

7:05 p.m. Tawnya: biggest problem is members v involved members

7:00 p.m. Talked about achievements, talked about working with the media and the coverage it produced.

We have a tea party Panel on the election:

Ken Mandile of Worcester Tea Party

Dana George Reed: Knox Trail Tea Party

Tawnya Brooks: Greater Gardner Tea Party

Moderated by Justin Brooks

Update: Here are the videos from the evening:

The Forum Pt 1:

Pt 2:

…and I think your morning show with the handsome and bright Mika, and the pleasant team of Willie Geist and my brother from the kingdom Mike Barnicle is the best morning show on TV.

But I think you are misrepresenting Sarah Palin, if you don’t know better you should.

Now that my modem has been replaced I’ve had the chance to look at your column in politico and frankly it’s worse than what I thought it would be.

Your claim that Sarah Palin mocked Ronald Reagan’s credentials is blatantly false (she actually noted that liberals were constantly mocking Reagan, you know liberals, those are the guys lionizing your column today).

As for noting the Bush family were blue bloods, that’s actually true, they come from a long line of Blue bloods although W has more of Texas in him. She did not comment on the Bushes until Mrs. Bush choose to comment first. Again the great love of the left for George Bush and the celebration of his flying days in WW II you might remember were not high on the liberal list of things to talk about in his days. Liberals mocked him as a wimp mercilessly once; yet now that he is not a political liability to them, they safely complement him.

Furthermore frankly Palin has succeeded and I want to put this as politely as I can, beyond your wildest dreams. Your critique of her ability to make money sounds a lot like sour grapes (how’s that ranking for Last Best Hope on Amazon doing?). You know and I know and anyone who follows this stuff knows that you hit Palin because it produces ratings for you. It produces attention for you, she however continues to ignore MSNBC in general because frankly she is smart enough to know what is going on and knows enough not to punch downwards.

Be honest; how many people would have cared about your piece if it was a critique of Mitt Romney?

As for political advice that you gave to republicans in general and Palin in particular this year, it was great advice…if your goal was to cement the democratic hold on congress. You preached compromise and a move to the left. Palin however along with Rush Limbaugh choose to stand and fight, and through 2009 fought nearly alone. Without that willingness throughout 2009 there is no huge republican majority in the House this year. She held the line while you counseled retreat, that’s what a leader does.

As for 2010 does it no occur to you that many of those gutless republicans unwilling to say on the air what you state they say privately are working as surrogates for other Republican candidates seeking the nomination but afraid of offending Palin’s supporters? Their job is to play stalking horse and you are happily obliging. Never once have I heard you bring up that fact. Granted I am off taking my son to school for at least 30 min each morning so I may have missed something but I think not.

BTW remember all last year when you kept calling Palin a liar over the “death panel” remark. Now that Paul Krugman is now talking about “Death Panels” openly any comment?

Hate to say it Joe but when it comes to Sarah Palin you are very near a case of Sullivan’s Syndrome without the OBGYN fascination. The Blog Eye of Polyphemus may have it right:

So what can we conclude from Scarborough’s rant? Palin’s playing the political game under modern rules and playing it well, but she is not playing it the Inside the Beltway. Method Does comparing herself to Reagan, or criticizing the Bushes damage her credibility among the rank and file voters? Is she really an embarrassment because of her media exploits? Considering the zeitgeist , I cannot imagine so. Maybe to the political dinosaurs. That, I think, is the root of Scarborough’s problem. Reality is changing for the old guard. If Palin is successful, they become extinct. That is scarborough’s real problem. He is not afraid a nominated Palin will lose in 2012. He is really scared she will win.

I’m sure we’ll touch on your quaint little piece this week on DaTechGuy on DaRadio (Sunday 5 p.m. due to UMass Basketball). I am not a professional writer like Robert Stacy McCain so I won’t comment on Ghost Writing or no (UPDATE: Stacy Backed away from that), but I agree with this line:

“To all you people who want to send me e-mails: Don’t waste your time. I’m not going to read it.”

In other words: “My mind’s made up. Don’t try to confuse me with your so-called ‘facts.’” An attitude we might call . . . uh, anti-intellectual.

I would be more worried about this: You have Charles Johnson on your side, Sarah Palin has Robert Stacy McCain, I’m sorry but you lose BIG.