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If it’s not Greenwald objecting to the methods it’s Johnson crying that the right will hit Obama for it.

Patterico makes the first point that needs to be made:

According to the story, Mohamud was corresponding with an overseas terrorist and looking for ways to become involved in “violent jihad.” This is when the FBI entered the picture, with an undercover sgent who pretended to be an associate of the terrorist willing to help Mohamud assemble a bomb to kill men, women and children at a Christmas tree lighting event.

According to the FBI, Mohamud had a thumb drive with detailed instructions for making the bomb. He mailed bomb components to the investigators so they could assemble the bomb. He set off a practice device. And he mailed passport photos to the investigators as part of a getaway plot. And so on and so on. He was quite serious about this.

Maybe it’s just me but I like the idea of the FBI (under this administration or ANY administration) nailing these guys before they can get very far.

McCain makes the 2nd point:

Michelle Malkin does make an important point when she says, “Violent jihad. Two words the current occupant of the White House won’t say together and about which he remains in stubborn denial.”

But then again, Malkin also often excoriated the previous occupant of the White House — that would be the Republican, President Bush — when he rhetorically obscured the specific nature of the jihadist danger.

It would be wiser if the administration would admit violent Jihad is the cause of this nonsense, but since we are getting the right results that might actually suggest that although out-loud they might be more likely to blame fans of Petticoat Junction than Violent Jihad privately they are apparently still managing to get the bad guys.

What really bothers me is this from Nice Deb:

check out the comments at FireDogLake. Ay-yi-yi. I was expecting at least some to say, “WTF, dude! This guy was no victim!” But no…. they all agree. It doesn’t occur to any of these commenters that capturing someone with the hateful and murderous worldview of Islamofascism before he kills, is a good thing. Why?

How can these people defend someone who has dedicated his life to killing as many innocent Americans as possible?

Honestly I think that the far left at once time encouraged this as a weapon against the Bushes, however the result is they managed to create an actual core of true believers who believe we deserve to be slaughtered.

My biggest worry had been that this administration shared that worldview, although diplomatically it has been juvenile, the results in terms of preventing attack and prosecuting the war has been admirable and in the end those results are all that count.

Rule 5 Hallie Miller

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As you know I am not a Rule 5 regular, but I am making one of my few exceptions in this case.

You might recall this post that Stacy Linked concerning Hallie. As you can see I now have permission to use her photo so I include one here.

Her site with more photos to judge from is here. And remember you can vote for her once per day till the end of the year. To vote click here.

Update: BTW Yes I understand that one might expect a more shall we say provocative picture for rule 5 but as I’ve said before beauty is not a question of what you are wearing or not but of yourself.

North Korea China and deluding yourself

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Yesterday I was setting up in the studio for the RAVE show (Gary Rosen and Gary Vecchio) preceding Conservatively Speaking and the subject of North Korea came up where both Gary’s said that it was hard to deal with North Korea because you are dealing with “unstable” people.

As I’m typing this on Fox News the hosts said North Korea has nothing to lose by going to war.

Over and over we hear that we want China to restrain North Korea. All of this is in my opinion is wrong and based on some myths:

1. Myth one China wants to restrain North Korea: Wrong: China is fine with both North Korean proliferation and development of nuclear weapons. North Korea give China the ability to proliferate nuclear weapons to groups who oppose us and our interests without being directly involved. If you think that the North Koreans were able to get where they were without China technological aid then you are out of your mind.

There are two primary targets for the Chinese army. One is their own people and the other is the US. It is not fashionable to say it but China is our primary enemy and we are theirs. We trade, we exchange culture, but our goals are diametrically opposed. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves.

Mind you the Chinese people themselves are awesome. You will not find harder working, more dedicated and more culturally centered people out there. If China would lose the communistic oppression and the evil that comes with it there would be no limit to what they could achieve.

2. Myth two: North Korea’s rulers are “irrational” or “unstable”

This is a cop-out. If you want to understand the rulers of North Korea think of an unjust feudal Lord. North Korea is a vast feudal estate where the Lord of the manor keeps all for himself and feeds his troops to give him power. He gives only enough to his subjects to keep who they need alive.

It is not irrational it is entirely rational. The NK government knows that its people are starving, they don’t care, the only thing that matters is their leaders comfort and keeping the military well fed and loyal. Watch a few episodes of the old Richard Greene Robin Hood series if you want to understand their mindset

3. Myth three: North Korea’s threats of war are serious:

This is the biggest myth out there. The North Korean government is terrified of a war. Why, because the North Korean Army isn’t an army. It is the bodyguard for the Jong Il family. The moment any war begins three things happen:

a) The nuclear areas are toast

b) The Army is toast

c) The Jon Il family is dead

If the nuclear power is gone then they can’t shake down the west. If the army is massacred then they can’t control their own people, and if they are dead…then they are dead. Again you have to stop thinking of North Korea as anything other than a feudal kingdom of the Jong Il family subject to their Chinese masters. The Jong Il’s don’t care if the country starves or even if half a million of their own soldiers are dead, all they care about is their own comfort. Period.

If it is VERY clear that any attack on South Korea means smart bombs in the Jong Il Household and carpet bombing of the military, the game is over.

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