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Steve DiNatale talked at the Twin City tea party meeting on Monday, He spoke to me before the event:

It’s important to note that the Tea Party invited their representatives. The willingness to hear views you might not agree with is good. The willingness to face people who don’t agree with you is better.

Dennis Rosa talks to me before his appearance at the Twin City Tea Party on Jan 31st 2011.

We need more democrats willing to stand up.

The greatest Christmas display in our area is not flashy; but is hand-made.

Louis Charpentier’s Christmas display began before I was born and will likely continue after I’m dead although the 100-year-old Mr. Charpentier children and grandchildren will be carrying the load.

For those of you not close enough come and see it yourself, here are the photos so you can see it.

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If you don’t want to see it piecemeal here is the whole thing together via youtube, at night it is even more impressive:

He actually carves another piece each year to add to the display

The Boston Globe did a story on him last year, and the Catholic Free Press did one today. How you can do this story without photos of the display is beyond me.

As impressive as all this is, it pales before the life-size crucifix he carved for St. Cecilia’s church in Leominster. When I get a chance I’ll swing by and take a shot of it, I can’t believe I can’t find an image of it on the net.

I can tell you for a fact that yesterday killing of the Omnibus spending bill will be cheered by almost every business I’ve talked to as I stated in my Examiner column today:

I submit that if a congressman, state rep or MSM reporter came with me for a week door to door; they would not dare advocate the taxes, spending and regulation that they do.

Read the whole thing as they say.