Da New Blogs of Da Month for Novenber!

Posted: November 6, 2010 by datechguy in blogs, special events
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With all the election Hoopla I had no time to replace the DaBlogs of the DaMonth, but since the feature started late in October I guess it’s OK.

So lets quickly say Thanks to our former blogs of the month: And so it goes in Shreveport , it was nice to have you over for a while and also to Rich’s Comic’s Blog and What If, who return to their normal spots on the blogroll.

And without further Ado here are this month’s blogs of the month. First of all Since Sarah Palin was one of the big winners of this weeks election what better blog to start with than Conservatives4Palin? This week they give yet another example of Palin doing the work the party doesn’t want to:

Governor Palin tweeted the following this afternoon:

Mama Grizzly Renee Ellmers needs our help securing an honest and fair recount. Please donate here: http://is.gd/gIZAv

Ellmers is in need of support as her opponent, Congressman Etheridge, is calling for a recount despite Ellmers’ 1600 vote lead. Ellmers’ campaign will need to hire lawyers to ensure that the recount process is performed with integrity.

Remember Minnesota 2008 and support Renee Ellmers a fine lady who I had the honor of interviewing.

Our second member is Israellycool who reminds us that “Mosques” in inappropriate places is not just for NYC

A number of days ago, UNESCO classified the Jewish holy site Rachel’s Tomb as a mosque.

Israel has now reacted to this appalling decision by refusing to cooperate with them.

Israel on Wednesday said it would reduce cooperation with the United Nations’ cultural watchdog after the body classified Rachel’s Tomb in the West Bank as a mosque.

Considering Iran this will be a blog to keep an eye on for all of next year.

And finally our new kid on the blog, we present Shrinkwrapped A Psychoanalyst Attempts to Understand Our World. This week explaining liberalism in one sentence:

Just remember, Liberals, like adolescents, do not believe in ever slowing down their spending until they have their credit card taken away.

So you will be renting a room here for a month, how do you feel about that?

Make it a point to give our blogs of the month a visit during November, and if you have suggestions for December feel free to drop them in comments.

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