This is a bad sign

Posted: February 26, 2011 by datechguy in middle east, opinion/news
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Did anyone besides me catch this bit from an article about the Libyan revolution:

Armed men in green armbands, along with uniformed security forces, checked those trying to enter the district, where graffiti that said “Gadhafi, you Jew,” “Down with the dog,” and “Tajoura is free” was still scrawled on walls. They turned away motorists who were then stopped at a second checkpoint by armed men in uniform. Those officers searched cars and checked IDs of drivers and passengers. Emphasis mine

Like the Egyptians before them the Libyans like all people deserve to be governed by a government of their own choice and not by a dictator. It is however a bad sign that “Jew” in an execration of choice.

Then again with a revolution in process, a dictator who may have stockpiles of mustard gas I suspect the last thing on Libyan minds is going after Jews.

I hope.

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