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Lt. Columbo: Mrs. Williams, you have no conscience and that’s your weakness. Did it ever occur to you that there are very few people who would take money to forget about a murder? It didn’t did it? I knew it wouldn’t. No conscience, limits your imagination. You can’t conceive of anybody being any different than what you are, and you’re greedy, and that’s why, as bright as you are, and you’re bright, you believed that Margaret could be bought.

Columbo: Ransom for a Dead man 1971

Last night Jeff Sessions was defeated in a primary runoff in an attempt to reclaim the Senate Seat he abandoned to become the Attorney General of the US.

If Sessions had won I would have had no problem supporting him and despite the animosity between him and the president I have absolutely no doubt he would put that aside to support his programs and his judges for the sake of his state of Alabama and the country as a whole.

Sessions opponent in the runoff Tommy Tuberville who had the president’s support. Sessions lost that support due to his action of recusing himself during the start of the Russia investigation. Unbeknownst to him this would lead to an incredible witch hunt that took up a lot of time and resources of this administration thanks to the tireless efforts of his deputy who was frankly working against the administration from the start. This mistake, while honest, was disastrous for the administration and the country.

Being an honorable man, raised honorably, doing honorable service as a judge and in government he presumed that he he recused himself as his honor demanded that his deputy would act in the same good faith that he did. He could not conceive that a lifelong public servant who had been in government for decades would do otherwise in an attempt to undermine the administration. Nor could he conceive that the FBI and the Obama administration might actually act in the way so destructive to the American Republic for the sake of political advantage.

Sessions is a good man and an honorable man and if we were dealing with the Democrat party of even 10 years ago he might have been a useful member of the Trump Administration. However because he didn’t recognize reality as it was he was able to be taken advantage of.

Given the new realities I suspect his defeat is not a bad thing, but I long for the days when the Democrats and the deep state once again are sane and honorable enough to be trusted thus allowing a Jeff Sessions to be able to function as per his wont. Just as I long for the days when the left respected free speech, loved America and was not controlled by a Marxist mob.

However I suspect that these days will not be coming back anytime soon.