Pintastic is just over a week away!

Posted: November 8, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

One of the causalities of the COVID business was Pintastic NE the annual NE Pinball festival which I have attended and covered each year that it took place.

With the return of something resembling normally (despite the best efforts of the federal and some state bureaucracies) Pintastic NE has returned.

Because of the uncertainty of what the COVID situation would be Pintastic choose to remain it their previous location at the Sturbridge Host Hotel additionally to insure enough lead time instead of scheduling the show for the week before the 4th of July the show was moved to the week before Thanksgiving.

But delayed or not the show is on which means from November 18 through the 21st those who live within or book a hotel room within driving distance of Sturbridge MA will get a chance to enjoy days of pinball on 100;s of machines at a very good price.

Almost as good is the chance to get away from the political and cultural insanity and simply have fun.

Oh and if you’re a Catholic the Shrine of St. Anne in Fiskdale is literally five minutes from the hotel just down the road so you can catch Mass and confession if you’re interested in getting the daily November Indulgences

Pintastic’s web site is here. You can get more info, buy passes and see the list of games, oh and one note. There will likely be more than the games listed as this would not include games brought by various vendors..

Here’s the video

Hope to see you there

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