Dumb Energy Policy? That Depends on their Goal

Posted: November 9, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I was perusing the next this morning and spotted this at Powerline on the Biden Administration’s energy policy

So at the same time the administration is trying to block oil and gas leases on federal lands, it contemplates leasing federal waters for wind turbines. Wind turbines are environmentally awful and produce electricity less than half the time, so along with wind farms watch for many billions of dollars to be spent on natural gas plants that will operate the majority of the time when the wind turbines produce no electricity.

I didn’t think it would be possible to produce an energy policy this mind-numbingly foolish, but the Biden administration has exceeded my expectations.

As usual this piece is worth reading but it is making a simple error when it classifies the Biden Administration policy as “dumb” and the origin of said error is based on a faulty assumption.

The author assume that the goal of the Biden Administration is the same as the goal the Trump administration had, namely to make America energy independent and to lower fuel prices to help the economy and the working class.

Now if this was the goal of the Biden Administration then, yes this would be a really dumb energy policy.

BUT if your goal is to use government power, funds and taxes to enrich allies who will in turn enrich you and your relatives and your hangers on and to support those who are advancing your goals of remaining in an exclusive powerful rich elite, then not only are these policies not dumb, they are VITAL to reach said goal.

Once you realize that this is the goal of the Biden Administration then you realize that it is far from dumb.

Now if you want to argue that’s it immoral , or bad for the interest of America and Americans then fine, but don’t call it dumb, because its primary result, satisfying the powers that support them, is being achieved.

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