Situation not normal all ****** up again

Posted: November 10, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The last time I posted on the backup site was to note that the main site was down in a post titled:

Everything is Down & My Host has Seemingly disappeared

Well what happened before is happening again.

Technically the site is up and the old posts are there and visible but problems abound to wit:

First our SSL ran out but that should have been an easy fix but for some reason the buy of the new cert hasn’t caught up with the site 3 days later. As you can guess it’s tanked traffic pretty bad.

If that’s not enough apparently our host has not updated their PHP so now I’m getting the same type of blank screen when I try to write a post that I did with godaddy three years earlier. (I’m writing this post i the draft section of the dashboard to get around it as a temp measure)

The owner of the hosting service who bought it from my friend has proved just as invisible as before when it comes to getting ahold of him to resolve this

Frankly life has been too busy lately for this nonsense so I’ll be doing what I can to get around things but likely can’t get a full day of it in till Friday.

Last time this happened it was all resolved in a few days but I have a nasty feeling it’s not going to be that easy this time, we shall see.

What a wonderful setup for the blog’s 13th anniversary which is practically ancient in blog years.

So for now I’ll be posting here and I think I’ll start moving forward with contingency plan but I have an awful lot on my plate right now and I’m at the point so it might be slow going.

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