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Nothing says “Democracy” like NH revote on the vaccine money taking place without the public realizing it was being brought up.

I’m old enough to remember when people thought it was important for Government to be responsive to the people.

There is some talk that former senator Scott Brown might jump into the NH Senate Race.

This is interesting because Brown lost in NH the last time very much due to his conflicts with the base on Abortion and Guns even though the establishment loved him, BUT he was also an early supporter of Donald Trump which was contrary to the NH GOP Establishment which was NeverTrump before there was such a term as “Never Trump”

An optimists might say that he appeals to both the establishment and base, while a pessimist might say he’s offended both.

Of course in a primary for any Pro-Life Catholic there is no question of supporting Brown if General Bolduc is in the race but if he does win the primary there is also no question that he’s a better choice than any Democrat.

Eric Adams is discovering that you can’t appease the BLM left simply by being a Democrat. The threat of riots and violence are quite real.

But the real danger here is that the prosecutors in NY will not actually enforce the law if people do riot. As long as BLM knows there is no actual risk to violence, looting or murder there is no incentive for them to stop.

Eventually people get sick of living in fear of riots and will eventually decide to fight back, and when that happens they will not be very restrained in their targets. The question is, will Adams us his police force to enforce the law to keep the people from eventually reaching that point. It rather amazes me that said point has not been reached already.

Speaking of prosecutors I can’t think what is going through the mind of the team going after Rittenhouse. If they hadn’t blown their case before he took the stand they sure did afterwards.

Of course this case should never have reached trail but the same dynamics of threat that are in play in New York, Portland and Seattle are in play here and maybe with people already openly making threats concerning the jury they figure the fix is in.

That I am seeing this kind of thing disgusts me to no end.

Via HotAir this statement really sums up where we are as a country:

“The bloodlust you see for Kyle Rittenhouse is exactly what I see every day for January 6 defendants,” she wrote on Twitter. “Up against corrupt prosecutors, a vicious news media, and libelous social media influencers. If they could arrest and charge all of us, they would.” 

People don’t seem to have a concept of what this is going to lead to. A lot of people are restraining themselves but once they stop all bets are off. The left is counting on this never happening.

They’re wrong.

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