Updated 1969 league Waiver Rules plus Current list

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I’ve decided to make a change to the Waivers rules in order to minimize the amount of chasing I have to do to find out who wants what for a pick. The current system while practical for a face to face league get rather difficult when you have a dozen players all over the country.

So without further ado here is are the new rules which will apply to both Waivers and Early waivers.


Waivers for all teams will begin week 6 of the season and will end when rosters expand in September. “Early Waivers” will take place before this but only teams who have forgone draft picks will be eligible for early waivers.

All players that have a card for the season played that are not currently on a team’s Roster or DL will be eligible to be picked off waivers.

A team may only acquire one player off of waivers each week.

The waivers procedure will function as follows:

Waiver Claims

  1. Starting on Saturday Morning a 12:01 AM EST any team may make a waivers claim for any player not on a Roster or DL of any other team.
  2. Said claim is made by sending a message to the league and/or commissioner via the Dynasty system. A claim may also be made by posting it in the slack room.
  3. Said claim must include the name of the player, the position he plays and what team is on his card.
  4. If no team has made a counter claim by 1 AM EST on the following TUESDAY the player will be placed on the claiming teams 35 man roster.
  5. If the team is already at the Roster limit the claiming team MUST room for said player by either releasing a player already on the roster or placing a player already injured on the DL.
  6. If a eligible team with an equal or inferior winning percentage makes a counter claim before that time then the waivers pick is forfeited to the team making the counter claim. If multiple eligible teams make such a claim the team with the lowest winning percentage shall have their claim upheld.

Waiver Counter Claims

  1. When a team announces a waivers claim or counter claim any eligible team may, if they choose, make their own counter claim for said player.
  2. A counter claim is made by replying to an original claim either via the Dynasty system using the MESSAGE ALL TEAMS button and/or making said counter claim publicly in slack (if possible do both but the Dynasty message takes precedence)
  3. A team may make a counter claim for a player picked in waivers if ALL of these conditions are true:
    1. The team making the counter claim has an equal or inferior winning percentage than the claiming (or counter claiming) team
    2. The team making the counter claim has not already acquired a player off waivers that weekend due to a successful claim or counter claim.
    3. EARLY WAIVERS ONLY The team making the claim must be eligible for early waivers for that round
  4. One an eligible team has made a valid counter claim they are treated as if they were the original claiming team for the player and if no valid counter claim is made by 1 AM EST TUESDAY the player will go on their 35 man roster at which time said team.
  5. As with regular waivers the player MUST go on the 35 man roster, if there is no room the claiming team must either release a player or place an already injured player on the DL.

All players released to make room for a player claimed in waivers will be placed in the waivers pool for the following week.

The great part of this new system is that people who have no interest in waivers can ignore it while people interested in waivers will be able to dive right in.

Here is the Current waivers list.


  • Aaron Tommie Taken Montreal Early Waivers Round 2 Pick 2
  • Adair Jerry Taken Chicago White Sox Early Waivers Round 2 pick 1
  • Alvis Max
  • Amaro Ruben
  • Baker Frank
  • Barry Rich
  • Barton Bob
  • Bateman John
  • Beauchamp Jim
  • Billings Dick
  • Blefray Curt Taken NY Mets Early waivers round 1
  • Bobb Randy
  • Boehmer Len
  • Bosch Don
  • Bowens Sam
  • Boyer Ken
  • Breeden Danny
  • Brinkman Chuck
  • Brooks Bobby
  • Brown Gates
  • Brown Larry
  • Browne Byron
  • Bryant Don
  • Burda Bob
  • Campanis Jim
  • Campbell Dave
  • Cannizzaro Chris Taken by Washington Early waivers round 1
  • Chaney Darrel
  • Charles Ed
  • Christian Bob
  • Clark Ron
  • Collins Kevin
  • Corrales Pat
  • coulter Chip
  • DaVanon Jerry
  • Davis Bill
  • Davis Ron
  • Dean Thomas
  • Donaldson John
  • Duncan Dave
  • Ellis John
  • Etheridge Bobby
  • Fairey Jim
  • Floyd Bobby
  • Gabrielson Len (Taken Pittsburgh early waivers round 2)
  • Gamble Oscar
  • Geiger Gary
  • Gil Bus
  • Gosger Jim
  • Gutierrez Cesar
  • Hague Joe
  • Hall Jimmie
  • Haney Larry
  • Harrell John
  • Harrison Chuck
  • Healy Fran
  • Heath Bill
  • Hermoso Remy
  • Hershberger Mike
  • Hicks Jim
  • Hinton Chuck
  • Holman Gary
  • Hriniak Walt
  • Hutton Tom (Claimed by Pittsburgh acquired by Chicago by counter claim)
  • Jackson Sonny
  • Jeter Johnny (Claimed by New York Yankees / Highlanders)
  • Johnson Lou
  • Jones Dalton
  • Kelly Van
  • Kendall Fred
  • Keough Joe
  • Kolb Gary
  • Krug Chris
  • Lahoud Joe
  • Lee Leron
  • Llenas Winston
  • Lock Don
  • Lyttle Jim
  • Manuel Charlie
  • Martin JC
  • Matchick Tommy
  • May Dave
  • McGraw Tommy
  • McDonald Dave
  • McFadden Leon
  • McNulty Bill
  • Miller John
  • Morales Jerry
  • Nagelson Russ
  • Nelson Dave
  • Northey Scott
  • Oliver Gene
  • Oliver Nate
  • Oyler Ray (PIcked Round 3 Cincinnati early waivers)
  • Paepke Dennis
  • Pagliaroni
  • Peterson Cap
  • Phillips Adolfo
  • Qualls Jim
  • Quilici Frank
  • Ranew Merritt
  • Reid Scott
  • Renick Rick
  • Repoz Roger
  • Ricketts Dave
  • Rico Fred
  • Rios Juan
  • Robinson Bill
  • Robles Rafael
  • Rogers Buck
  • Rollins Rich
  • Roznovsky Rick
  • Ruberto Sonny
  • Rudolph Ken
  • Satriano Tom
  • Scheinblum Richie
  • Shannon Mike (picked round 4 early waivers SF Giants)
  • Shopay Tom
  • Simpson Dick
  • Sipin John
  • Slocum Ron
  • Smith Dick
  • Snyder Russ
  • Spangler Al
  • Spence Bob
  • Spriggs George
  • Stahl Larry
  • Stanley Fred
  • Stephenson John
  • Stewart Jimmy
  • Stinson Bob
  • Stone Gene
  • Stone Ron
  • Stuart Dick
  • Tartabull Jose
  • Tatum Javis
  • Tepedino Frank
  • Tischinski Tom
  • Torres Hector
  • Valdespino Sandy
  • Velazquez Freddie
  • Vidal Jose
  • Ward Pete
  • Watkins Dave
  • Webster Ramon
  • White Bill
  • Whitfield Fred
  • Wicker Floyd
  • Williams Jim
  • Woods Ron


  • Allen Lloyd
  • Arlin Steve
  • Baldschun Jack
  • Baney Dick
  • Barber Steve (Taken Chicago W Sox early waivers wk 1 1st pick)
  • Belinsky Bo
  • Bell Gary
  • Bertaina Frank
  • Boozer John
  • Boyd Gary
  • Brandon Bucky
  • Buchart Larry
  • George Brunet LHP SEA (Released by NYY to make room for Johnny Jeter)
  • Carlos Cisco
  • Champion Bill
  • Clark Rickey
  • Corkins Mike
  • Crider Jerry
  • Culver George
  • Dukes Tom
  • Ellis Sammy
  • Everitt Leon
  • Farrell Turk
  • Fisher Jack
  • Fitzmorris Al
  • Foster Alan
  • Fuentes Miguel
  • Garman Mike
  • Geishert Vern
  • Guinn Skip
  • Hamilton Jack
  • Jackson Al
  • James Jeff
  • Jaster Larry
  • Jones Steve
  • Kealey Steve
  • Kline Ron
  • Koonce Cal
  • Kroll Gary
  • Lamb Ray
  • Law Ron
  • Lazar Danny
  • Lersch Barry
  • McBean Al
  • Miles Jim
  • Morehead Dave
  • Morris John
  • Nottebart Don
  • Nye Rich
  • O’Riley Don
  • Palmer Lowell
  • Pascual Camilo
  • Pina Horacio
  • Priddy Bob
  • Purdin John
  • Raffo Al
  • Ramos Pedro
  • Rath Fred
  • Raymond Claude
  • Ribant Dennis
  • Robertson Rich
  • Roggenburk Garry
  • Ross Gary (Taken Pittsburgh early waivers round 3)
  • Sembera Carroll (Taken White Sox Early Waives Round 4)
  • Severinsen Al (Picked White Sox Early Wavers round 3 pick 1)
  • Shaw Don
  • Shea Steve
  • Short Chris
  • Sisk Tommie
  • Spama Joe
  • Sprague Ed
  • Talbot Fred (Taken NY Mets early waivers round 3)
  • Taylor Gary
  • Wagner Gary
  • Washburn Greg
  • Wsahbum Greg
  • Watkins Bob
  • Wynne Billy (Taken NY Mets early waivers round 2)
  • Zachary Chris

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