Pintastic NE 2021 Day 4 Final Day and Catching up

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The last day of Pintastic NE is always a bit of a mix. Checkout time is 11 AM but Pintastic runs till 4. I didn’t book for sunday night so there was a rush in the morning to go to breakfast at Cracker Barrel get back check out and run back in to cover what is there.

Between the band concert and the last day of the extra ball lounge (which runs to about 6 AM) it can be a tad odd.

I didn’t get to the Extra ball lounge till 11 AM and it was empty…almost:

They should take a bow this game had a line in front of it constantly. I only had a chance to play it twice during the entire four days myself.

The games were gone but not forgotten. I left this room to eyeball the vendor lounge where the packing up was far advanced but the SNH Pinball club was still rolling on.

The Free play room was still going strong and there were quite a few people playing. It’s a quieter day for the security team as there is only one room to really watch so Lisa had time to talk to me.

Without this staff mostly volunteers none of this takes place.

Some games still had lines the big one was the homebrew game Sonic the Hedgehog I talked to the creator who is from the Southern New Hampshire Pinball Club

Brian made good use of his lockdown time and I suspect that this will be a big draw for club membership.

With Pintastic done there is a lot of work to do to move machines, there is also a need to find places to play. Southern NH Pinball is one solution but there are others. I talked to Josh Allen of the Bitbar in Salem as he got ready to pack up the Hercules game who operators a restaurant/arcade

You need a team to move this giant.

I spent the rest of the day in play until they started to shut down the games and when that moment comes it’s time to speak to Gabe D’Annunzio one more time.

My Pintastic was done but he had hours of work ahead of him then he can rest but not for long, because when June comes along we’re going to do it al over again.

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