Under the Fedora: Suddenly Greedy Corps, Gas Prices, Rittenhouse, Brooks and California Mass Looting

Posted: November 23, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

It’s hilarious to see the Biden administration, members of the US Senate and the media now start crying that it was corporations greed that is the cause of inflation.

This might be a convincing argument if it wasn’t for the fact that all of these corporations existed during the trump years and yet inflation wasn’t an issue.

Did they only become greedy once Biden was sworn in?

The cheapest gas in the area at the moment is $3.05 the highest I saw was at a gas station near the hotel in Sturbridge where Pintastic took place at $3.99.

We’re getting mixed messages from the media and administration as to the causes with partisans’ insisting that Biden can’t do anything about it.

Yet somehow Trump had this country as a net exporter of energy (without I should add tapping the strategic oil reserve and I was paying under $2 a gallon.

When energy goes up everything goes up.

I was at Pintastic NE when the Rittenhouse verdict came in. All I could think of was that if he is a pinball fan at Pintastic NE he could walk through the venders hall saying: I’ll take that, and that , and two of that and not dent the dough he is going to end up with the settlements that will be coming when the lawsuits start flaying.

The fact that Americans could see the trail and understand that they had been lied to by the media is going to be really damning. Can you imagine what people would have thought if they didn’t have cameras in court?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move to pull them out in the future, can’t have anything competing with the narrative.

Speaking of spin the media was trying hard to convince people that Brooks was fleeing another crime when he ran down those folks at the Christmas parade. At first I was confused as this would make him look pretty bad but once more fact came out that suggests he purposely ran those folks down (and has a history of doing so) it all made sense. Remember the same left that insisted on trying Rittenhouse let this guy out on $1000 bail all for the sake of a political and racial narrative.

Expect the media to do their best to memory hole this story as it’s devastating to every narrative they have pushed for years.

Finally the incredible looting wave that has hit California cities has finally put some fear into some of the Soros DA’s out there, mainly I suspect because of the recall in progress to remove him.

There are plenty of stores big and small that have been devastated due to the decision to not bother enforcing laws and the left didn’t have an issue, but now that there might be a political cost in power, suddenly the outrage comes.

I wish I could say I was surprised.

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