Cause and Effect still lives, Kareem the Musial of Basketball, Thumbs up for Costas, Target Kaepernick? and Broken Clock Syndrome for Biden Under the Fedora

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Athena Thorne notes that the laws of Cause and Effect are still in place particularly at Hospitals:

Shocking, considering the high vaccination rate in Massachusetts.

According to Dickson, many of the hospitals in the UMass Memorial health care system are currently at-capacity.

“You can’t imagine how exhausted caregivers are right now,” Dickson said. “The biggest challenge for us right now is that our people are extremely, extremely fatigued. This is their third surge over the course of about 20 months, and that’s really taking a toll on them.”

How could this stressful situation have happened? Reading further down in the article, we see:

In addition, compounding its woes, UMass Memorial Health was forced to fire 200 employees last week after they refused to get vaccinated.

You mean to say if you fire a percentage of your work force you don’t have them if you need them? Who wouda thunk it?

Oh and FYI MA is a rather highly vaxed state

A couple of days ago I was listening to the JR Sport Brief on the ride home and he had a list of the top six players who changed their sport. They had Jordan as #1 with Stephen Curry, Michael Vick, Bob Gibson, Wayne Gretsky and Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the rest. I took issue with Babe Ruth not being #1 let alone off the list but it got me thinking about Jabbar, he has become the Stan Musial of Basketball.

Like Musial Jabbar’s played twenty seasons (22 vs 20) their stats are incredible both were considered one of the best players in the game while when they were active. The biggest difference is Musial played for only one team and his three rings came early in his career while Jabbar played for two (Milwaukee & the Lakers) and won titles both early and late.

However today when you talk about Baseball’s all time greats Musial is practically an afterthought. He is rarely brought up and when mentioned it seems to be “oh yeah he was really good”. Jabbar is the all time leader in points in the NBA, he won titles late and early and it was practically impossible to guard against his sky hook yet it’s all Michael vs LeBron when they talk all time greats and Kareem is an afterthought.

Now for myself I’d take Russell over either Jordon or King James but when I consider the Best of all time in the game I submit and suggest that you can’t intelligently have that conversation without Jabbar.

Speaking of conversations you can’t have Bob Costas is rather blunt on the subject of China:

“The NBA is up to its neck in China,” Costas said. “China is a huge sports market. Basketball is especially popular there. But they will put up with not even the slightest criticism.

“Back a couple of years ago when Daryl Morey, then the GM of the Houston Rockets, tweeted ‘Stand with Hong Kong,’ Rockets games were suddenly off the air for an extended period in China. And the Rockets are one of the most popular teams there because Yao Ming was the first big Chinese star in the NBA. More recently, Enes Kanter, who grew up in Turkey, spoke out against China. Same thing: Celtics games are gone.

“I guarantee you that the feed of this conversation [on CNN] is gone.”

“By the way, a lot of Nike’s goods that benefit the likes of Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James is made in China. And those outspoken individuals — and in many cases, I think millions of Americans would agree with their positions on domestic issues, but they are conspicuously mum when it comes to China, and no matter what the issues are here, and they are serious issues, they pale alongside what’s going on there.”

It’s nice to see someone in sports media calling out slavery as it happens as opposed to going after statues of the long dead.

Speaking of Kaepernick Stacy McCain nominates him as the 1st person Kyle Rittenhouse should be suing for defamation and libel:

People are going to have be schooled about libel, and it seems appropriate that Colin Kaepernick should be front of the class.

Although I’m not a lawyer, permit me to explain the “public figure” loophole in U.S. libel law, i.e., the Sullivan precedent. This is important to know — if someone is a “public figure,” a category that includes politicians and pro athletes, you can write damned near anything about them and have little risk of losing a libel suit, because the plaintiff in such a case must prove “actual malice.” People who are ignorant of libel law (a category that apparently includes a lot of blue-check Twitter types like Kaepernick) are prone to think they have license to say anything about anybody. But you can’t lie about an ordinary citizen the way the media lied about Donald Trump, which is why Nicholas Sandmann (a high school kid, not a public figure) ended up winning settlements from the Washington Post and CNN. Anyone who thinks it’s fair game to accuse Kyle Rittenhouse, an innocent teenager who was acquitted at trial, of being a “white supremacist” engaged in “terroristic acts” needs an education, and forcing Colin Kaepernick to defend those libelous claims in court would be a splendid educational opportunity.

I’m thinking the left should get together and offer him a Billion Dollars on the condition that he consider all potential lawsuits settled. It would save a lot of time a grief for the lot of em.

Finally with inflation out of control, the Biden Admin doing Russia’s business in the Ukraine and playing lapdog to China I found myself pleasantly surprised when I saw this.

True it’s a little thing but even little things get under Red China’s skin.

It’s nice to give them credit for doing at least something right.

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