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A large fraction of the nations of this world are descending into abject tyranny, caused by hysteria over the Wuhan Virus.  It is truly appalling to watch, knowing that it is even taking hold here in several states.

This article, Vaccine Segregation And Quarantine Camps Are Flashing Warnings To Stop Covid Insanity Before It’s Too Late, by the Federalist, chronicles the sickening tyranny.

In Austria, COVID-19 vaccines have become compulsory, and a “lockdown for the unvaccinated” has partitioned society into classes of jabbed and unjabbed. In Greece, those older than 60 without a vaccine are fined €100 ($112) a month.

Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Slovenia have all introduced vaccine passportsIn Lithuania, speakeasies and “Soviet-style markets” have opened to sell groceries to those incapable of entering stores without showing a vaccine passport. Now Germany intends to violate their Nuremberg Code, introducing a “de facto Covid lockdown for the unvaccinated” and possibly mandating vaccines.

None of this compares to Australia where:

Australia is setting up COVID quarantine camps, relocating people from their homes in towns with regional outbreaks. Guards are stationed to capture and return “people who escape.” No matter the “free wifi, nice food, and aircon” provided for detainees, internment at the camp is still involuntary for international arrivals on repatriation flights. A comfortable prison is still a prison.

The author of the Federalist article notes a dangerous historical parallel between the events now regarding the Wuhan Virus and the events and rhetoric that led up to the Holocaust and other mass slaughters.

The Parasite Stress Hypothesis finds the presence of infectious disease in nations with low sanitation is a prerequisite to authoritarianism. States enforce conformist social policies to reduce transmission, or “stop the spread.” Minority groups are scapegoated as harbingers of pestilence, with propaganda depicting them as rats, fleas, or parasites. Under communism, the Ukrainian Holodomor killed millions of people with the justification that they were “pariahs, untouchables, vermin.”

In other words, there is historical precedent to the claim that demonizing your fellow man as a socially irresponsible bioweapon can precede genocide. We’re watching other frightening prerequisites move into place as well.

The rest of the world is far more susceptible to genocide and similar horrors than the United States because our constitutional system is based on inalienable individual rights, rather than collective rights granted by the government.

Jean Jacques Rousseau’s “Social Contract” conceives rights as given by the government — not recognized and protected — thus allowing the government to rescind them at any time. This belief in government as progenitor — rather than guardian — of rights, is replicated in Germany’s philosophical tradition: with Friedrich Hegel decreeing that obeying the state provides “the very conditions in which Freedom is realized.”This line of thinking is why the French revolution differed from America’s; why Germany birthed Marxism and Nazism in the span of a century; and why Europe is now subject to forced vaccination. The American experiment is unique and a bulwark against the tyranny seen overseas.

All of the hysteria caused by the Wuhan virus pandemic is based on several lies and out right fraud.  The most notable fraud involves the PCR test, which is the test almost universally used to detect Coronavirus in humans.  Check out this article by the Brownstone Institute PCR Tests and the Rise of Disease Panic

PCR tests magnify the number of target DNA particles in a swab exponentially until they become visible. Like a powerful zoom lens, the greater the magnification needed to see something, the smaller it actually is.

The magnification in PCR is measured by the number of cycles needed to make the DNA visible. Known as the Cycle Threshold (Ct) or Quantification Cycle (Cq) number, the higher the number of cycles the lower the amount of DNA in the sample.

To convert Cq numbers into doses they have to be calibrated against the Cq numbers of standard doses. If they aren’t they can easily be blown out of proportion and appear more significant than they actually are.

Take an advertisement for a car for example. With the right light, the right angle and the right magnification, a scale model can look like the real thing. We can only gauge the true size of things if we have something to measure them against.

Just like a coin standing next to a toy car proves it’s not a real one, and a shoe next to a molehill shows it’s not a mountain, the Cq of a standard dose next to the Cq of a sample shows how big the dose really is.

The idea that PCR may have been used to make a mountain out of a molehill by blowing a relatively ordinary disease outbreak out of all proportion is so shocking it’s literally unthinkable. But it wouldn’t be the first time it has happened.

The effectiveness and safety of Coronavirus vaccines is another monstrous lie.

The announcement that another variant of the Wuhan Virus is spreading across the globe is causing a marked upswing in the hysteria an tyranny.  This hysteria and tyranny is based on a fraud because the Omicron variant is a mild variant.

COVID has become a Racket

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CURLY: [stops Moe and Larry] Hey! What’s this stuff [Brighto] for anyway?

LARRY: Why, it’s a cleaner, ya chump!

CURLY: I know, it’s auto polish.

MOE: You boys really wanna know what it’s for?


MOE: It’s for sale, now get busy selling it.

The Three Stooges: Dizzy Doctors 1937

Yesterday I saw this tweet from Scott Adams that struck a nerve:

Now I don’t have as big a problem with Big Pharma as a lot of others do. The development of drugs, any drugs is a complicated business and it’s the development of drugs by these guys over my lifetime that has made a good life possible for millions.

Now we are reaching a point where the incentives of government is to push profits for big pharma in order to keep control are so great that even for those who are honest and responsible in their cooperate board trusting them to say: “No I don’t think we need this product that we are going to make more dough off of then ever before” would be like trusting a 16 year old boy in charge of a harem completely unsupervised when every woman there thinks he’s cute.

But more importantly for all of them there is another principle here that is in play that I wrote about once before. It’s what happens in the environmental movement and the race movement and various political movements at the point of victory for activists:

Do you bask in the glory of your victory?  Do you celebrate that all your hard work has been successful?  Do you breathe a sigh of relief that your children and grandchildren are not going to die a horrible death in a parched poisoned earth?

Hell NO!

You’ve achieved status, you’ve achieved power, you’re living comfortably.  You’re invited to the right parties, feted over by stars who think your cause is SO important and pols on the local, state and federal level care what you say and act accordingly.

So you find a different crisis, it doesn’t matter if water is clean, it isn’t clean enough, it doesn’t matter if the polar bears have recovered, they haven’t recovered enough, sure 16 year olds can declare themselves whatever sex they want, but what about 7 year olds?  Yeah we’re out of Afghanistan but what about Europe?  Yeah we stopped the pipelines, but the trucks are dangerous too?  Do we really trust those figures that say the world isn’t going to end?  We need a 50 year study of our own to be sure.

Sure Florida has demonstrated that the pandemic is in fact over and we’re just dealing with another endemic disease that will affect a small group of people who are most vulnerable, but if we declare victory over COVID we can’t impose our will upon the people and if I’m big pharma am I going to turn down all those mandated sales without fear of lawsuits?

Now in fairness any corporation is about maximizing profits for the shareholders but in a post Christian society the restraints of morality are not there to temper those decisions. As for the activists and pols:

In short the emergency never ends, the solution is never good enough and the need for your dollars is NEVER more critical.

Because that’s when you quietly admit to yourself  that you’re not in the problem solving business, or the crisis prevention business,  you’re in the fundraising business, and the cause you support isn’t the rain forest, the whales, stopping big oil or the rights of man, it’s you.

These pols and activists are all just panhandlers with a nicer street corner and the ability to compel to some degree by force.

I’ll give the last word to Niven and Pournelle from their classic book Inferno:

Benito took out papers.  The man snatched at them, but Benito backed away.  He read: “Dear Jon, I could understand your opposition to us last year.  There was some doubt abut the precess, and you expressed fears all of us felt.  But now you know better.  I have no witnesses but you told me you understood Dr. Pittman’s demonstration.  In God’s name, Jon, why do you continue?  I ask you as your sister, as a fellow scientist, as a human being Why?…

…As we walked away, Jon screamed after us, “I’d have been nothing if I gave up the movement.  Nothing!  Don’t you understand?  I had to stay on as president!”