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There is a big hole where they are planning to build condo’s/apartments across the street from the old Romano’s Market (Now Lopez’s Market excellent Hamburg there btw they only do ground round) as the prepare to pour the foundation.

My first thought as I saw the hole was wondering if they would find anyone there. After all this was the Sicilian neighborhood of Fitchburg for many decades and the car dealership that was once there wasn’t there forever.

I often joke that you can tell you’re in a Sicilian Neighborhood because the shovels and lime are at the front of the hardware store. It’s one of the reasons why the urban riots you’ve been hearing about never quite manage to reach Italian/Sicilian neighborhoods

Unexpectedly of course

Of course Sicilians aren’t the only people who manage to keep their neighborhoods safe, to wit:

Toledo [a gang banger killed by police] was from Little Village, the main Mexican neighborhood in Chicago. During the George Floyd Memorial Riots last May, Latin Kings gang members took up armed patrol of Little Village and drove off carloads of potential black looters. So, in retrospect, it’s easy to see why black / Mexican solidarity turned out to be a chimera.

It’s almost as if the Democrats’ Coalition of the Fringes doesn’t quite jibe with the Democrats’ assumption of Black Supremacy.

It’s the certainty of punishment that prevents such crime and the certainty of no punishment that encourages them.

I have been saying since the Democrat crime ways began that if the various Sicilian Mafias offered to provide actual protection to a neighborhood from the Democrat crime waves hitting major cities they would have a major cash cow potential, The shop owners would find it worth the cost, the police would be happy to not have to deal with these problems when they know the local DA’s will not prosecute anyways and the various Insurance companies would be thrilled to not have to worry about giant large scale payouts.

More importantly for the mob is that people who are actually being protected are less likely to do anything to the people protecting them nor are likely to complain about other, shall we say less savory income streams said mobs are generating for themselves.

I’d not be surprised if this is already happening very quietly and unofficially, sort of like the deal between the mob and the feds during WW2 to keep enemy spies out.

Speaking of Sicilians apparently at least one of the Cuomo brothers is no fool:

You can be damn sure he kept more than emails as I suspect his brother the Governor has and they will have no compunction about using them to bring down people if and when they decide the time is right.

Anyone who is surprised by this knows nothing about Sicilians. As Tom Hagan said to a Senator once “All that’s left is our friendship.” When that friendship is gone look out.

Finally one of the hardest things about being both a devout Catholic and a Sicilian is the giant conflict that comes about when one is wronged.

The Sicilian wants vengeance and wants it badly while the devout Catholic sees vengeance for what it is and resists it.

Of course for some this conflict is easily solved:

I suspect the end quote of that clip is very popular in mob circles

It was great to be Catholic and go to confession, you could start over every week”

Of course such a person needs to be informed about the sin of presumption. But for those who don’t bother to know their faith ignorance is bliss, at least on earth.

Tone deaf in Killadelphia

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By Christopher Harper

One of the main reasons my wife and I decided to move out of Philadelphia was the soaring crime rate in the city.

Even so, it was surprising how bad it got this year. Philadelphia has recorded more homicides this year than the nation’s two largest cities – New York City and Los Angeles – with 528 homicides to date. New York City has recorded 443 as of Dec. 5 and Los Angeles 352 as of Nov. 27.

Philadelphia is not alone in recording a record number of murders. Eleven other cities—all governed by Democrats—have set records: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Austin, Texas; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Louisville, Kentucky; Portland, Oregon; St. Paul, Minnesota; Toledo, Ohio; Tucson, Arizona; and Rochester, New York.

What’s just as surprising is the tone-dear responses to the crime spree from Democrats.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, a George Soros darling and recently re-elected to his post, said that the city wasn’t experiencing a crime wave.

“We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence,” the district attorney said last week. “It’s important that we don’t let this become mushy and bleed into the notion that there is some kind of big spike in crime.” He added that tourists should feel safe in the city.

The usually calm Michael Nutter, who served as mayor for eight years, denounced Krasner’s comments as “some of the worst, most ignorant, and most insulting comments I have ever heard spoken by an elected official.”

Nutter, who is Black, added in a column in the Philadelphia Inquirer: “I have to wonder what kind of messed up world of white wokeness Krasner is living in to have so little regard for human lives lost, many of them Black and brown, while he advances his own national profile as a progressive district attorney.”

After widespread condemnation for his remarks, Krasner, who is white, assembled a bevy of leftist political and religious leaders to announce an apology.

But it wasn’t only Krasner who didn’t understand the nature of the murder spree.

Two students from Temple University, where I teach, were murdered—a rare occurrence even though the college is located in the center of the city.

The president of the faculty, a Black woman, offered this disingenuous analysis of what’s going on.

“There are so many systemic issues at play—not just here in North Philadelphia—but in most urban centers across the nation that need to be addressed. Issues of poverty, severely compromised urban education systems, joblessness amidst a consumer culture that is always reminding us of the class divide between the haves and the have nots—complicated by COVID-19 and nearly two years of its wake—making these issues even more nuanced than they have been in previous years. But loss of life is a tragedy—no matter where it occurs or why. We have much work to do, and we need everyone to join in that struggle,” a statement said.

It’s impossible to unpack the illogical analysis in the statement above.

The facts, however, are clear: Two people died! Two or more people killed them!

The Democrats running the cities and the academy are out of synch with most people, who can easily point to the cause for rising crime rates: a lack of police enforcement and investigation. That’s because the Democrats don’t like law and order.