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The 3rd Day of Christmas a COVID Christmas Story

Posted: December 27, 2021 by datechguy in covid
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Christmas day in the DaTechGuy House was first rate. It started with mass the previous night where the family got together and managed an updated picture:

That would be a good Christmas Card if we did Christmas Cards.

Anyways the boys crashed over our place, we all slept a tad late Watched the George C. Scott Version of A Christmas Carol (one of the best in my opinion) Cooked a solid late Breakfast and had a late ham dinner.

I had called my brother Dominic and it turns out that he was at home rather that with his son and grandson on Christmas. It seems both he and his wife had the sniffles and everyone decided it was best they stayed up just in case.

And that’s where the COVID came in.

My first instinct was to invite them down for dinner as it didn’t seem serious enough to warrant them being home alone for Christmas but under the rules where my wife works she is tested daily. If she ended up with a positive test, even if completely asymptomatic, she would be out 10 days and has only one sick day to play with and under the rules of my place if she was out with COVID I’d be in quarantine as well.

It wouldn’t matter if we were actually sick the test for the virus would have been enough to lose us work.

Because of this I reluctantly didn’t invite my brother and sister in law over and they spent Christmas with each other. Not a bad thing when you’ve been married 36+ years I’m sure but I think it’s a crying shame.

If this was 18 months ago when we knew a lot less I could see it, but with where we are and what we know it’s a crying shame. They’re not spending Christmas alone because of COVID they spent Christmas alone because under the current rules our income would be jeopardized.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife had long COVID and I’m very aware that for some it can be rather nasty, just like the flu can be nasty, but we’re reached a point where we’re cutting our throat out of irrational fear and or politics.

It’s become a lie that people are living and in a sense that’s appropriate, because by it’s definition a post Christian society is going to advance the cause of the father of lies.