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Every year I stay up and watch the ball drop on Times Square.  I will not be doing so this year because New York’s communist mayor announced that he will impose full Covid tyranny on every single individual attending that formally joyous and raucous celebration. 

Comrade de Blasio is mandating that every single individual wear a mask and social distance.  That will go along way to dampen the spirits of anyone attending.  De Blasio descended into full Covid tyranny mode  by announcing that everyone over the age of five wishing to attend must show a vaccine passport. 

Vaccine passports are the absolute height of tyranny.  They are absolutely analogous to oppressive regimes requiring that people present their papers whenever they are seen outside of their homes or wish to enter any establishment.  Actually vaccine passports are far worse because in order to get one that individual must have two doses of one of  the deeply flawed Covid vaccines injected into their bodies.  If they do not comply these individuals are excluded from participating in every day activity such as eating in restaurants, going to bars, earning a living, and attending sporting events. 

Vaccine passports are a very insidious form of state sponsored discrimination.  They strip away an individual’s right to decide for themselves.  These individuals are separated from society unless they comply with the demands of the government.  They must comply or else they cannot participate in life to its full extent.  They are  now second class citizens.

The right to decide for ourselves is one of our most important God-given Natural rights.  That right is being completely trampled by vaccine mandates.  Governments have absolutely no right to interfere with any type of medical decisions. 

Governments forcing individuals to comply with vaccine mandates has no place in a free society.  A society that imposed vaccine mandates is no longer a free society.  A country that permits vaccine mandates or vaccine passports is not a free country. 

The fifth day of Christmas didn’t start well for me. When I got out of work my driver side rear tire was flat. It was after midnight and while I got the car jacked up and had my full size spare ready for the life of me I couldn’t get my spare off.

Because it was so late I go a ride from DaWife and then had AAA take care of the tire the next day. It turned out I had picked up a nail so I headed straight to Viola Tire where I bought them to get it fixed as it was only two months old.

As they were very busy my plan had been to walk to Zeda’s for a Pizza and them come back for the car when it was ready but I ended up speaking to a lady by the name of Lynn who is a bus driver who was waiting for her tire rotation.

For an hour we talked about all kinds of things from the Feast of the Holy Innocents our various jobs, her boyfriend (whose family I know) my wife our kids and all the various joys and oddities of life.

In a year when human contact is not common the simply joy of meeting someone new and talking to someone face to face about all kinds of things was excellent. Even without COVID in an age when everyone has a face burred in a cell phone or in a laptop such times are rare. In fact my own laptop was in the car and it remained there until she left.

I hope I run into her again and I look forward to the day when DaWife and I might enjoy a lunch or dinner out with her and her boyfriend.

I’m very much enjoying my Christmas gift of the Pinball rental and I’m also enjoying the movies & TV Shows I’ve picked up from the gift cards my sons bought me (The three Musketeers 1948, San Antonio 1945 and the Time Tunnel 1966 a guilty pleasure of my youth which was my gateway to Dr. Who 8 years later) but I think of the best gifts one can get is human contact and friendship, so while some might think of this as half a day “lost” I’d put it down that pleasant time as one of the better Christmas gifts I’ve gotten this year.

Postscript: Here’s a blast from the past from Viola’s Fitchburg Tire from a dozen years ago.