SCOTUS Mandate Thoughts Under the Fedora

Posted: January 15, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The one thing I was sure about before the vote was that the three liberal justices would vote as a block. On any item the left is concerned about the justices of the left always do because that is the first requirement for being considered by any democrat.

On the right it’s a tad tougher to guess, Thomas and Alito will always vote original intent so I was pretty sure on them. The three justices appointed by Trump could go either way because it would depend on how they saw the law as written but if there was one thing I knew it was this.

When it came to Justice Roberts Old Yellowstain I knew that if the five other conservatives stuck together he would vote with them, but if he was the deciding vote to put Biden over the top he would vote with the left as he always does when he can save their bacon.

I wonder what they have on him?

What really jumped out at me was the oral arguments and the open misinformation that the three justices of the left paroted.

You can be sure that it came from their aids and clerks who got that info from the left/media.

In past days a justice would be upset at being publicly embarrassed in this way but I’ve reach the point where I don’t expect better from the left and even at this level they never disappoint.

I was watching the SCOTUS ruling with great anticipation on mandates. All of the members of my family, me, my wife and my sons were considered essential when the pandemic started and were working though all that took place. None of us have taken the vaccine flu shot that is being offered. So the ability of every single one of us to stay employed was on the line.

Funny how that goes, when the establishment needed us to carry on we were essential, now our fate came down to nine justices to decided if the left could order us to risk our lives for nothing.

The ruling itself was a mixed blessing for us. For my youngest and myself it was a big win, for my oldest and DaWife it was a catastrophic loss as both are in the healthcare field. My oldest has a religious exemption and the letter he wrote to request it was in my opinion a thing of art. it’s something that I wished I had wrote. DaWife had a religious exemption in a previous job but the company suddenly decided to no longer honor it. She had gotten an out of state license for a while before finding a job at a place that isn’t taking federal funds but we have no assurance that they won’t cave.

Yet another cost of the stolen election.

That’s the real final thought here. None of this comes up if SCOTS doesn’t duck the question of the stolen election.

All of this BS has it’s root in this and there is a tad of irony given the highly Catholic composition of the court.

The abuse scandal that rocked the church two decades or so ago had it’s roots in Catholic Bishops not having the courage to take the short term hit that exposing and making an example of the largely Gay priests who were preying on boys. (78% of the cases) and thus the church and it’s members suffered and still suffers the consequences of the fallout of said cowardice both financial and in those victimized.

The largely Catholic SCOTUS did not have the courage to openly expose what happened in 2020, their decision to duck has and will continue to cost this country for decades to come.

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