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This pandemic has been built upon a foundation of lies and mistruths,  After about a month this became apparent to those of us who actually question what information we receive from the government, so called experts, mainstream media, and social media.  Things just didn’t add up to those of  us who do not blindly follow what those in authority were spewing about the Wuhan Virus and the draconian measures governments at all levels were imposing on their people. 

Those of us free thinkers seek news and information from a very wide pool of knowledge. We examine and evaluate evidence from all sides.  We make up our own minds about what we discover, after careful deliberation.  What we discovered angered us because we learned that just about everything governments and experts told us was a pack of lies and untruths.  There was no scientific or medical basis at all for the draconian lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and social distancing.

We shared what we we discovered on social media and were labeled conspiracy theorists and science deniers.  We were constantly fact checked by FaceBook and Twitter, and had the bandwidth of our accounts severely limited, or even suspended, for sharing “misinformation,”

A couple of weeks ago Joe Biden actually spoke the truth.  He admitted that there is no federal solution to the Coronavirus pandemic.  It is as if certain members the medical establishment took this as a cue to actually begin telling the truth.

For about twenty months all of us conspiracy theorists have stated that hospitals were inflating the number of people hospitalized with Coronavirus by not differentiating between those who were hospitalized with Coronavirus, and those that were hospitalized for other reasons, and subsequently tested positive for that virus.  New York City was the first to break the dam by telling the truth on this.  Check out this tweet.

This article Massachusetts to Change How It Reports Coronavirus Hospitalizations, very pleasantly surprised me because it confirms the same truth.

Nearly two years into the pandemic, Massachusetts hospitals will make a distinction between patients who were hospitalized “for” coronavirus and those who were hospitalized “with” the virus.

Massachusetts’ Department of Public Health (DPH) announced on Thursday the coronavirus reporting changes would begin next week, noting whether hospitalizations are “primary or incidental” to coronavirus.

Fellow conspiracy theorists have also been stating that all of the mandates are a tremendous over reaction because Coronavirus is only truly fatal to those in poor medical condition to begin with.  The CDC director confirmed we were telling the truth.

We’ve been stating for many months that the mRNA vaccines were ineffective, proving that vaccine mandates were not backed by science or medicine.  We were right.  Check out this article: Pfizer CEO: Our Vaccines Offer ‘Limited, If Any Protection’

Speaking during remarks to a J.P. Morgan healthcare conference this week, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla openly stated current vaccines the company developed for Wuhan coronavirus offer “limited, if any” protection against contracting current variants of the disease. He then encouraged booster shots. 

We the conspiracy theorists have been stating very forcefully that the mRNA vaccines are dangerous, causing heart complications and blood clotting.  I predict that in the near future we will be proved right by the medical establishment. 

Larry Hogan and working a walk

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These days I’m not so high on Joe Scarborough but he once said something that every single pol should take to heart: You have to win a majority to accomplish anything.

It’s a rule that is ignored by voters and a party at their peril.

For example in Wyoming conservatives know that if (OK when) Liz Cheney loses her primary she is going to be replaced by a strong conservative because the people of Wyoming are well versed with conservatism and reality.

In Maine not so much. It would be nice for example if we had a stronger conservatives than Susan Collins in Maine, but without her the Democrats would have the 51 votes to make a whole bunch of trouble, so until we can educate Maine voters on the realities of the left she’s likely as good as we can get.

And that brings us to Larry Hogan.

Hogan is a moderate Republican and a bit of a NeverTrumper, however he has done a credible job as Governor of the state and has done well with the black community:

Hogan would likely make strong conservatives like me go nuts and become the goto republican in the senate for the MSM but…
1. He’s likely the best we can get in Maryland
2. He would be a vote for conservative judges
Would I prefer a strong conservative? Sure. Can we elect a strong conservative in Maryland? At this point, absolutely not.

Think of it like baseball. In my 1969 Draft league my #1 & #2 batters are Mike Fiore, and Jim Hegan They are batting 61 and 73 point lower than Pete Rose but both draw a ton of walks. While it would be nice if those walks were double and triples and homers those walks enable Pete Rose to drive in runs (57 in 90 games so far) 3rd in the league despite having less than a 1/3 of the HR of the men ahead of him.

Larry Hogan in the senate will not hit a lot of conservative home runs but he will set the table allowing other to drive in runs and while he does that we can act to educate the people of Maryland so that the day will come when we can in fact do better.