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I listened to the arguments of the SCOTUS. The only thing more astounding than the false claims made by the government in their argument concerning the virus and the vaccines was listening to the false claims by some of the justices.

Judicial robes do not confirm knowledge or wisdom they just confirm that they were confirmed by congress.

There is movement both at my employer and my wife’s employer concerning our vaccine status.

It is very possible that the Biden Administration will cause both of us to become unemployable in our current fields.

What a difference one stolen election makes.

Of course with the latest jobs report people losing their jobs is not all that odd

One of the most interesting bits of COVID news that I read over the last week was a leftist journalist discovering that many of his friends actually had COVID last year but kept it quiet because the media meme was all about shaming those who caught it due to vaccine status.

Now of course that the double and triple vaxxed and boosted are getting it and some of them are high profiles media and leftists there is no reason to hide this kind of thing.

That’s what really insidious about the left, people silently going along with meme’s that they know are false.


Had a few inches of snow today. It never ceases to amaze me how many people in Massachusetts get all panicked over snow when we regularly get it

I’ll say one thing about today’s storm. Those Ariens snow blowers are all they’re advertised to be. I’ve never used one with more get up and go.

Got a 2nd or is it 3rd late notice for the old site that I cancelled a month ago and got notice that it would be shut down within 24 hours of my cancellation.

That completely convinces me something has happened to the guy who was running the site and it’s completely on automatic.

Saving all the emails just in case.