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This pandemic has been built upon a foundation of lies and mistruths,  After about a month this became apparent to those of us who actually question what information we receive from the government, so called experts, mainstream media, and social media.  Things just didn’t add up to those of  us who do not blindly follow what those in authority were spewing about the Wuhan Virus and the draconian measures governments at all levels were imposing on their people. 

Those of us free thinkers seek news and information from a very wide pool of knowledge. We examine and evaluate evidence from all sides.  We make up our own minds about what we discover, after careful deliberation.  What we discovered angered us because we learned that just about everything governments and experts told us was a pack of lies and untruths.  There was no scientific or medical basis at all for the draconian lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and social distancing.

We shared what we we discovered on social media and were labeled conspiracy theorists and science deniers.  We were constantly fact checked by FaceBook and Twitter, and had the bandwidth of our accounts severely limited, or even suspended, for sharing “misinformation,”

A couple of weeks ago Joe Biden actually spoke the truth.  He admitted that there is no federal solution to the Coronavirus pandemic.  It is as if certain members the medical establishment took this as a cue to actually begin telling the truth.

For about twenty months all of us conspiracy theorists have stated that hospitals were inflating the number of people hospitalized with Coronavirus by not differentiating between those who were hospitalized with Coronavirus, and those that were hospitalized for other reasons, and subsequently tested positive for that virus.  New York City was the first to break the dam by telling the truth on this.  Check out this tweet.

This article Massachusetts to Change How It Reports Coronavirus Hospitalizations, very pleasantly surprised me because it confirms the same truth.

Nearly two years into the pandemic, Massachusetts hospitals will make a distinction between patients who were hospitalized “for” coronavirus and those who were hospitalized “with” the virus.

Massachusetts’ Department of Public Health (DPH) announced on Thursday the coronavirus reporting changes would begin next week, noting whether hospitalizations are “primary or incidental” to coronavirus.

Fellow conspiracy theorists have also been stating that all of the mandates are a tremendous over reaction because Coronavirus is only truly fatal to those in poor medical condition to begin with.  The CDC director confirmed we were telling the truth.

We’ve been stating for many months that the mRNA vaccines were ineffective, proving that vaccine mandates were not backed by science or medicine.  We were right.  Check out this article: Pfizer CEO: Our Vaccines Offer ‘Limited, If Any Protection’

Speaking during remarks to a J.P. Morgan healthcare conference this week, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla openly stated current vaccines the company developed for Wuhan coronavirus offer “limited, if any” protection against contracting current variants of the disease. He then encouraged booster shots. 

We the conspiracy theorists have been stating very forcefully that the mRNA vaccines are dangerous, causing heart complications and blood clotting.  I predict that in the near future we will be proved right by the medical establishment. 

If the founding fathers of this nation were alive today they would be absolutely outraged that the federal government, state governments, and local governments are imposing vaccine mandates, implementing vaccine passports, and subjecting countless millions to mask mandates.  They would be outraged because they worked tirelessly and shed a veritable ocean of blood to break away from the tyrannical British monarchy. They would be distraught that we have allowed the federal government, state governments, and local governments to become far more tyrannical than the British ever were.

The founding fathers of the United States created a country where freedom and liberty formed this nation’s bedrock and foundation.  They left us a Constitution and Bill of Rights to preserve our freedom and liberty.  In these three articles The Right of Conscience is being obliterated by vaccine mandates, With the vaccine mandate the Biden Regime has now become a petty dictatorship, and Vaccine Passports would be unconstitutional, immoral, and unscientific I proved that vaccine passports and vaccine mandates violate the US Constitution and state constitutions.

Some federal courts have set aside the Biden vaccine mandate, only to be overturned by a higher court.  I am unaware of  single court overturning any state or local mandate.  I have no hope that any will.  I have no hope that the Supreme Court will set things right because they abandoned the Constitution decades ago.  The same is true of all levels of the United States court system.

For the past twenty months I have been shocked and saddened that the American people have not risen up and put a stop to all of this freedom and liberty destroying nonsense. Far too may blindly accept what is going on.  None of this was even remotely acceptable during the founding period of the United States.  That generation would have grabbed their muskets and pitch forks a week or so into this nightmare.  Succeeding generations have allowed a gradual eroding of freedom and liberty through a process called the Overton Window

The Overton Window is a model for understanding how ideas in society change over time and influence politics. The core concept is that politicians are limited in what policy ideas they can support — they generally only pursue policies that are widely accepted throughout society as legitimate policy options. These policies lie inside the Overton Window. Other policy ideas exist, but politicians risk losing popular support if they champion these ideas. These policies lie outside the Overton Window.

But the Overton Window can both shift and expand, either increasing or shrinking the number of ideas politicians can support without unduly risking their electoral support. Sometimes politicians can move the Overton Window themselves by courageously endorsing a policy lying outside the window, but this is rare. More often, the window moves based on a much more complex and dynamic phenomenon, one that is not easily controlled from on high: the slow evolution of societal values and norms.

Progressives have proved to be experts at using the Overton Window to steadily transform the United States from a freedom and liberty loving Constitutional Republic into a nation of meek sheep that more closely resembles a socialist democracy.  They have accomplished this through the culture war and decades of indoctrination at all levels of education, through the mainstream news, leftist Hollywood, and courts such as the Supreme Court. 

The only way to fight this is by yanking the window back to where it belongs, where it was right after the ratification of the Constitution and Bill Rights.  The only way to accomplish this is by spreading the truth on social media and through mass demonstrations.

All government mandates, no matter how beneficial they are, destroy freedom and liberty. Because of this they violate the U S Constitution, and state constitutions if they are on the state or local level. Even state and local vaccine mandates mandating children receive extremely safe and effective vaccines such as the MMR and Polio vaccines violate the freedom and rights of the parents to make medical decisions for their children. With this article I am not attacking vaccines or the science behind vaccines, only the mandating of vaccines. I know the courts and I disagree. That is proof that the courts abandoned the Constitution a great many decades ago.

There is no medical or scientific proof that vaccine mandates aid in the fight against diseases in any way. I know for a fact that there is a large minority of individuals in this country who will not do something specifically because it was mandated by government, no matter how beneficial it is. If governments want to ensure that the highest percentage of the population is vaccinated against certain diseases, they will inform and educate us of the medical and scientific benefits of that vaccine. Nagging and pestering us is acceptable. Mandating and coercing is not acceptable because this is a free country.

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The most interesting thing about the spate of “Salvation Army desperate for volunteers and donors” stories in the MSM is the complete lack of mention of the CRT business that caused things to implode.

CRT is the ivermectin of the Salvation Army story that which must not be named

The day the kettles 1st came out in my city I rushed to put money in. The next day the CRT story broke and I walked right by them. Within a week the kettles were gone and I haven’t seen one in the area since although my wife says they’re around..

t might be a shock to some but the Salvation Army but: “Give me money you racist” is not a great business model.

The more I think about it the more I understand why the left is still in full Trump panic mode. There were having excellent success in quietly changing cultural norms and here comes Trump acting based on reality and giving people the courage to call out falsehood.

This is why we’ve entered the age of the big lie. It is now impossible to simply coax people to their own destruction so now blunt force trauma is needed to force falsehoods down our throats.

The left will never forgive Trump for making them come out in the open and the sheep will never forgive him for forcing them to openly choose between bravery and cowardice.

The panic among the left over the popularity of Joe Biden or lack thereof is a good sign in the sense that it suggests they aren’t comfortable about their ability to steal the midterms. But it also means that a lot of the institutions that cooperated in the fraud of 2020 have an incentive to go all in to make sure they aren’t exposed.

The next three years are going to be incredibly ugly.

I see that John Cleese ended up with an ambush interview with the BBC and is unhappy about it.

He should not be shocked at the ignorance of his interviewer. “Higher Education” no longer provides people with the type of education that the Pythons enjoyed. I guess those institutions that they japed about so merrily for decades might have had some use after all.

Personally given his own social media reach I don’t see why he bothered. A few strategically placed tweets will draw his audience better than the collection of media fools anyways.

I see a group of people in NYC were arrested for not providing vaccine passports at the Cheesecake factory.

Maybe they should have told the cops there were just there to loot the place rather than eat, they might have been left alone.