The Single Best Argument for Abortion and Birth Control I Have Heard in Years…

Posted: April 19, 2022 by datechguy in culture, media

…is Taylor Lorentz claiming to have PTSD from being a Washington Post Journalist during a visit to MSNBC:

I mean yeah, police, firemen, soldiers, nurses and the people of Ukraine might have to deal with death, destruction and life and death on a daily basis, but that’s NOTHING compared to the nasty feedback she gets from doing things like Doxing the “libs of tic tock” account person who has the audacity to take videos that people deliberately put on a public worldwide forum and post them on a public worldwide forum.

I mean can you imagine how the children of such a woman would be prepared for life? Can you imagine them being able to cope with anything with such a person as their primary role model?

Granted abortion is murder and Birth Control is a sin and every person is made in the image of God (including Ms Lorenz) and with God all things are possible but if I was the left and wanted to try to persuade people that Abortion should be an option I’d put her on the posters saying: “Do you really want people like this raising children?”

All kidding aside Ms. Lorenz reminds me of something else.

Could you imagine the reaction if a male reporter claimed PTSD over online feedback?

Our “betters” keep telling us that women are men are equal yet we keep hearing stories about how hard women have it or their inability to cope.

So which is it elites? Are woman just as strong, tough and competent as men or are in need of special protection? Choose one.

(In fairness to our elites as they can’t define “woman” or “man” this question might be too much for them.

Closing thought: Totally unrelated headline via Citizen’s free press & NPR

It’s time to screen all kids for anxiety, physicians’ task force recommends

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