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For the past week I’ve been watching the drama unfold online, stirred up by Elon Musk and his attempt to purchase Twitter.  The drama has been entertaining and repulsive, watching progressives melt down over the fear that Elon Musk will bring free speech to Twitter.

This editorial, Opinion | Let’s hope Elon Musk doesn’t win his bid for Twitter – The Washington Post, is one of the more nauseating, although subtle, examples.

Mr. Musk has promised to make Twitter a “platform for free speech around the globe.” This vision is more or less the same one now-departed CEO Jack Dorsey championed throughout his tenure, and especially in the platform’s early days. But like its industry peers, Twitter has moved over time toward stricter rules. That isn’t because executives have changed their views, but rather because they have learned some lessons after observing how their products can be abused to manipulate elections, or spread health misinformation, or harass people en masse.

Certainly, moderators sometimes make mistakes, and more transparency surrounding enforcement decisions is in order. But a broader backtracking would be an error. To protect speech at all costs and keep Twitter free of bots and spam, as Mr. Musk has said he would like to do, is almost impossible.

This quote is right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  The Marxist Oligarchs who control social media, and the vast majority of news organizations, are the individuals who manipulated the 2020 election so successfully it was stolen from President Trump..  Also they are the real cluprits guilty of spreading nonstop health misinformation, while censoring the actual truth.

The left has often channeled George Orwell and his Newspeak.   No better example is this Tweet.

The Left Wing Oligarchs have almost held a total monopoly over online political speech.   It has all been part of a master plan.  The author of this article, Media Is Hating On Musk’s Twitter Bid Because They Hate Free Thought (, does a fantastic job outlining the grand scheme.

Right now, the corporate media and Big Tech are on a thought control team running interference for the left. The outlets set the narrative with biased, misleading, and fluffy coverage of Democrats. The media constantly tells Americans that Donald Trump worked with the Russians to steal the 2016 election, Kavanaugh is a rapist, Republicans are racists and domestic terrorists, and the summer of rage riots were “mostly peaceful.”

The media expect you to believe all of those lies because they said it was so. If you question them, they smear you for spreading “misinformation.” Big Tech reinforces that deliberately faulty coverage by editorializing and spinning news for its “trending topic” section on the site.

For years, Silicon Valley giants have done the control regime’s bidding. When the left felt threatened by Trump, conversations about Covid-19 origins and treatments, election integrity, Hunter Biden’s laptop, or the truth about biological sex, Big Tech companies such as Twitter gladly banned, censored, and “fact-checked” any content it deemed “misinformation.”

The only thing that disrupts this cycle is when the uncensored, unmanipulated truth about the media’s depravity is exposed. As it stands right now, any narratives that contradict the thought control regime’s wishes are obliterated from the internet.

The mask has completely slipped off the political left thanks to Elon Musk’s battle to purchase Twitter.  As Michelle Malkin so famously said “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Five Libs of Tik Tok Thoughts Under the Fedora

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it’s generally a bad idea for a Newspaper to be caught in a straight out lie but the Washington Post managed to do so here:

On the plus side being owned by a billionaire means you can likely pay out any lawsuit something like that produces.

Again looking on the bright side of this for the Post from this story, a newspaper wants to make people think they are relevant and the post has certainly demonstrated that they can make a story or a subject visible.

The number of followers of the twitter account Libs of TikTok has as of this morning increased by more than 25% and counting and the videos made by the various liberals she is highlighting are getting a lot more views. None of this would have been possible without the efforts of the Washington Post so I guess this proves the relevance of the MSM to some degree still exists.

Another interesting point if the post wants to focus on the bright side of life is this. For the last week we have seen the Post and other liberal sites insist that the purchase of Twitter by Billionaire Elon Musk is a dangerous thing as it will promote standards that are contrary to the good of the country.

The Post story on the Libs of TikTok account and the attempt to intimidate and put in danger the Orthodox Jewish lady who runs it is a perfect demonstration of the dangers they are trying to illustrate: Don’t let Twitter get bought by a billionaire or they’ll become assholes without standards, just like us.

Not the method I’d use to make the point but hey it’s his paper.

What really struck me about the whole thing is that what the Libs of TikTok basically did was tweet out videos that leftists had willingly and deliberately put out on a public social media forum and exposed it to a larger audience.

Nothing get the left more upset than people seeing them as they are, and apparently as they are is pretty nasty. Remember this is why Stacy McCain was banned from twitter years ago for the crime of directly quoting liberals and letting people who might not have seen what they’ve said see it.

It’s all: Look at me, look at me and then: How dare you look at me!

Of course the funniest thing are the cries that this is an attack on the LGBTQ community and the implication that this is reinforcing negative stereotypes.

Shouldn’t they be angry at the people in the videos who made the videos and put them up on the net to be seen? Aren’t they by showing themselves as they are the culprits here?

What’s really making them angry is how it removes the plausible deniability from the various school districts, school boards and leftist pols who can’t pretend that these people in the videos are not the groomers people say they are.

Even better will be the number of people who pick up this standard