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By John Ruberry

On Friday night Substack journalist Matt Taibbi released the first installment of the Twitter Files, which outlined the efforts by Twitter, with assists from the Democratic National Committee, to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020. It’s a dynamite story–a political party worked behind the scenes with a Big Tech company to suppress a damaging news story about a presidential candidate, in this case Joe Biden, so he could defeat the incumbent, Donald J. Trump.

That tale of intrigue is something that you would think that you would find only in political thrillers. You know, the stuff of books, movies, or TV series. Except the Twitter scandal really happened. In response, the elitist mainstream media chose one of three tactics, or a combination of them, to confront this scandal: ignore, bury, or insult. In this post I’m going to discuss the first one in depth, and I’ll get to that in a moment.

But first a look back at an incident from 2005, the year I started my own blog, Marathon Pundit. What was then called the blogosphere was a relatively happy place. In comment threads and in behind-the-scenes emails, there was regular communication between conservative and liberal bloggers and journalists, even some camaraderie, at least here in Illinois. Politically our two camps didn’t agree on much–but there was one subject where we were in unison. All of the Illinois bloggers and mainstream media reporters hated the Reverend Fred Phelps and his twisted house of worship, the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. 

Some background: Phelps, who died in 2014, would bus in the few dozen members of his church, which then, as it does now, consisted only of the extended Phelps family, and protest at the funerals of soldiers and sailors killed in action in Iraq or Afghanistan. They held signs that read, among other things, “God Loves Dead Soldiers.” Phelps, who probably was in need of intensive psychiatric care, based his opinion on God and US military deaths on America’s acceptance of the gay lifestyle. 

Back to Illinois: There was a Phelps protest in East Peoria, Illinois in 2005 at the funeral of a US Marine gunnery sergeant, who was killed in Iraq, which the local paper, the Peoria Journal Star reported on, but it left out the Westboro Church protest. And that infuriated Bill Dennis, who wrote the now-inactive Peoria Pundit blog. 

Dennis had this say 17 years ago:

More than once, I’ve read the opinion that the media shouldn’t give Phelps and his people any “publicity.” Whether or not any particular groups gets publicity from news covering isn’t important. The news media needs to cover the news, whether or not it’s news we want to hear. It’s not the media’s job to keep us from having to hear ugly messages. The people who work in the information business need to reject the notion that the public is better off when it is kept in the dark. We wouldn’t tolerate the government doing that to us. Why does the media think it has the right to keep unpleasant news away from us?

It’s the news media’s job to answer questions, not to turn their head and pretend they didn’t hear the question.

The media’s opinion of what information should be provided to its consumers has now become dangerous. Big Tech, meaning of course Twitter, and as well as Google and Facebook, as well as traditional sources such as the legacy newspapers and broadcast networks, actively worked to suppress or ignore the Hunter Biden laptop story, which was revealed in October 2020 by the New York Post, as the presidential election season was underway. Yes, season–voting was already underway just about everywhere. Those media villains–I believe it’s fair to include those three Big Tech behemoths are part of the media–committed election interference. Think of a football game where the beat reporter for an NFL team is standing on the sidelines when the opposing team is about to score a touchdown–who then runs on to the field and tackles the player carrying the ball. Let’s call that wronged player “Trump.”

That’s what happened in 2020. 

What is the slogan of the Washington Post, which has so far has written just one story about the Twitter Files? Oh yeah, “Democracy dies in darkness.” At least the most recent time Clay Travis checked, which was this morning, the New York Times hasn’t reported on Taibbe’s Twitter revelations. Travis Tweeted a few hours ago, “It has now been two days since @twitter & @elonmusk posted actual emails & correspondence of internal documents relating to the Hunter Biden laptop censorship in 2020. The @nytimes has still not covered the story at all.”

In a story published today CBS news barely mentions Taibbi’s scoop–but it attacked Twitter owner Elon Musk. Oh yeah, attacking. A whole bunch of leftist journalists, propagandists really, went into that attack mode I discussed earlier, vilifying Taibbi for performing superb journalism.

And in regard to that Phelps story from ’05, it wasn’t just the Peoria Journal Star committing the sin of omission. You remember I said that back in the day conservative and liberal bloggers and journalists used to interact regularly about stories. I can’t find the email I sent so long ago, but I reached out to a big shot left-wing Chicago newspaper columnist about what the Peoria Pundit and I saw as media malpractice. His polite reply to me was something like this, “But if we report on Phelps and his hateful protests, then we are only doing what he wants–giving him publicity.” 

No, Mr. Newspaper Columnist, it is your job is to report the news. Not hide it, shape it, or twist it.

Democracy dies in darkness. So does the truth.

John Ruberry regularly blogs from the Chicago area at Marathon Pundit.

One might be amazed how many reporters on the left spent yesterday on twitter attacking Musk and Matt Taibbi for releasing these documents, at least one would if you didn’t realize that these folks paychecks depend on them objecting.

This goes to show the difference between social media and standard media. For standard media a Friday night dump would be all about burring a story. However for a story that will spread via social media a Friday night weekend dump means more regular people will be free to read and spread it around, which is the whole point.

All that Musk has done has been about raising the profile of twitter. This document dump will do the same. That’s good news for all those advertisers who didn’t heed the left’s call to leave the platform but bad news to all who played along and lost their exposure to all those eyeballs.

This combined with the under oath testimony of an FBI agent being deposed is Missouri on their attempts to use big tech to swing the last election goes a long way in explaining why they went all in on stealing that election. If they fail and Trump wins then it’s bound to have been leaked to someone in the admin which might have resulted in a special prosecutor and/or investigation that would have been damning.

It’s very much worth noting that there were Democrat members of congress worried about this but their primary worry was what it would mean to section 230 defanging the friendly tech folks elsewhere at Facebook and Google and Youtube. In other words they were worried about not the acts but the Consequences they might lead to. A real test of the new GOP congress will be how deep they investigate this. If I’m McCarthy worried about getting the speakers chair I’d put out a statement at once saying I would name a committee at once and promise to load it with fire-eaters on the right.

Then let the consequences flow.

Well Elon Musk has followed through and via Matt Taibbi the most honest leftist left in the building the Twitter files on Election 2020 are being released. You can see them from the start beginning with this tweet.

The good news of course is that the truth is being revealed and all of us who were saying for years that twitter was manipulating facts for the left

(and I know all about that having been locked out of my account repeatedly for tweeting about Benaford’s law before election 2020 was certified while being accused of tweeting out “intimate content without consent”, each time I appealed, each time Twitter said it was a mistake and then immediately locked me out again when I tried to tweet it. By an odd coincidence this cycle stopped as soon as speaker McConnell congratulated Biden, but I digress…)

The bad news of course is that the few people on the left who were still insisting that this was not taking place and it was all a conspiracy theory don’t care because they believe the ends justified the means. Their reaction to this would be “thank you” to all those involved.

You see once you abandon Christianity the whole “bearing false witness” business does not become a problem.

Put simply until there are consequences for these acts by the actors who commit them they will continue.

Thanks to Musk we now have truth, now let there be consequences

Elon Musk and Eyes on the Prize

Posted: November 19, 2022 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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Curley: [stops Moe and Larry] Hey! What’s this stuff [Brighto] for anyway?

Larry: Why, it’s a cleaner, ya chump!

Curley: I know, it’s auto polish.

Moe: You boys really wanna know what it’s for?

Larry & Curly [In unison] Yeah!

Moe: It’s for sale, now get busy selling it.

The Three Stooges, Dizzy Doctors 1937

Watching Elon Musk over the last few days reminds me of the early days of Donald Trump’s first run for president in the sense that both of them absolutely know the media left having functioned from inside it and know how to play them like a fiddle.

Twitter as a platform to generate profit has only one commodity, eyeballs and buzz. If you are an advertiser your goal is to get your product in front of as many eyeballs as possible, if you are a person trying to create “buzz” you need to be able to establish yourself as a “credible” source.

Every step Elon Musk has made in the last month is designed to bring one or the other forward.

The pushing of the $8 blue checkmark got everyone talking about blue checkmarks and baited people, particularly people who hate him, to talk and tweet about them.

The ultimatum to the workers, in addition to the weeding out of the useless percentage of his workforce (his own “Golgafrinchan B ark“) not only got a bunch of people on Twitter talking about Twitter to wit:

But got people outside of Twitter, on TV and Radio talking about…Twitter.

And then yesterday came the restoration of three large accounts, the above quoted Babylon Bee (without deleting their Rachel Devine tweet) Gordon Peterson a terror to leftist thought and of course “D” list comedian Kathy Griffin and even while doing so he baited people again and many, including myself took the bait

But while restoring Trump is a no brainer, just doing so doesn’t create the required buzz, the conversation, the tweets and the eyeballs that he is selling so he follows this up with his Pièce de résistance the Trump Poll!

As of this writing (4:14 AM EST Saturday, yeah I woke up coughing again) Seven point nine MILLION people responded to this poll.

This doesn’t count multipliers from the untold number of people who have commented on it, retweeted it, wrote about it etc,

What does all this accomplish? It demonstrates to all the advertisers that the left is trying to pressure to run away from Twitter that Mr. Musk can literally deliver millions of eyeballs almost at will.

Now if you’re trying to repress a particular point of view that’s a bad thing, but if you’re trying to get the word out about a product like Brighto

…that’s just what the Doctor is willing to pay for.

Twitter may not be real life but it produces real eyeballs. Elon doesn’t give a damn if you like him, or hate him or think his buying Twitter is an act of war, he just wants you talking about, writing about and above all TWEETING about his product.

That’s the prize he has his eyes on, anything else is just gravy.

Update: A quick example of this, check out what the Times of India is tweeting about

There’s another million eyeballs half way around the world.