Ok I’m Going to Defend Biden on this One

Posted: May 7, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Dr. Benjamin Franklin: These men, no matter how much we may disagree with them, are not ribbon clerks to be ordered about – they are proud, accomplished men, the cream of their colonies. And whether you like them or not, they and the people they represent will be part of this new nation that YOU hope to create. Now, either learn how to live with them, or pack up and go home! [pause, then] In any case, stop acting like a Boston fishwife.

1776 1972

Joe Biden is taking a lot of heat for noting in the past how people in the Senate despite disagreeing loudly. The line is how DARE he be able to eat dinner with a segregationist or even a former segregationist!

While I’m all for scoring a point on Joe Biden I’m not big on this point.

It’s the nature of a republic that you agree to live under the same set of rules even if we disagree with them in fact even if we don’t like them.

When you go to the supermarket you don’t ask the bagger or they guy cutting ham at the deli what they believe on abortion or taxes or anything else.

When you get your car fixed you don’t look for a mechanic who agrees with you on the COVID vaccine or make sure that they have the right position on Ukraine.

Should I worry that if I go to a restaurant that someone will mess with my food or if I go to the Doctors or druggist that someone will mess with my drugs because I believe the wrong thing?

This is no way to live and the genius of America is that we don’t

Cripes my next door neighbor has a BLM sign next to her front door. Am I supposed to act nasty to her or dis her kids because I think she’s wrong or should I talk basketball with him and explain why Bill Russell and not Jordan or Lebron is the greatest ever like I did yesterday?

All of this comes down to one thing.

People have the right to be wrong even on important stuff!

And if you are a Christian you have an obligation to be able to look at everyone, no matter how wrong as a person loved by Christ and if an enemy as someone you need to love. That is a non-optional doctrine of the church.

When you aren’t willing to talk, then you get Portland, and Seattle and then it becomes necessary to be ready to shoot to defend yourself.

There are plenty of reason to dis Joe Biden, this is not one of them.

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