Something smells Here at BLM? Nah Every Big Money Donation Went for the Intended Purpose

Posted: May 18, 2022 by datechguy in culture
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Friar Tuck You two are accomplices! That means that lottery was a cold blooded swindle!

Will Sharpe: Now is that any way to talk about honest people?

Friar Tuck: I have no licking for any of these lotteries sweeping the country, but some of them are honest. Yours is a downright fraud.

Will Sharpe: Fraud? We gave value for money. A moment’s excitement in their drab lives.

The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Lottery 1958

Over at Hotair there is a piece about how the money collected by BLM Black Lives Matter or also known as Build Large Mansions) on how these folks have been spending the millions that have been showered upon them:

The Associated Press has obtained copies of the group’s financial disclosure statements and it turns out that BLM has become a very profitable venture for a supposed non-profit organization. Even after blowing through an eye-popping amount of money over the past couple of years, the group is still sitting on roughly $42 million in assets.

But in fairness part of the 37 Millions has been spent, on friends and family that is:

This of course comes right out of the Three Stooges Tax Guide that note charity begins at home.

And some of the local chapters are wondering why they are not seeing the tens of millions raised. Jazz Shaw asks the question:

Did all of the wealthy liberal donors and Hollywood elites who flushed cash into BLM to “help the movement” ever think to ask where the money was going?

The outrage of the local chapters and the questions by Jazz and the snark from Ed would all seem valid but they ignore a rather critical fact about the money donated by the rich and the powerful and by the various corporation that shoveled millions to this organization.

I submit and suggest that practically none of this money was donated for the purpose of protecting or improving actual black lives hurt by discrimination or racism or even by unfair police practices.

If they were, then all of the outrage and the shock and surprise at the wonton use of these funds for personal and family profit would be valid.

But as the purpose of these funds, both corporate and individual were

  1. To publicly demonstrate individual and/or corporates “virtue”
  2. To publicly be included as “part of the club” of right thinking people
  3. To make sure they were not on the list of people to be targeted by social justice rent a mobs

And all of these donor goals were achieved!

Once you realize that people were spending monies on personal and public reputations rather than some altruistic vision it’s had to get outraged by it.

Jazz closes saying:

 potential donors should be made fully aware of this situation before they open up their wallets again.

He should have no fear. The donors know that every cent will still be used to enhance and/or protect the reputation of those who give them and as long as that remains true, they will be satisfied.

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