Tidbits and outrages

Posted: February 21, 2023 by chrisharper in Uncategorized

By Christopher Harper

It is inconceivable that anyone should disagree that John Fetterman should resign from the U.S. Senate.

He’s suffered a stroke, has trouble reading and hearing, and just checked into the hospital for clinical depression.

In this woke world, Fetterman is somehow brave for admitting he’s depressed and shouldn’t be held to task for his physical and mental woes.

If Fetterman and his wife—the real power in the family—would see their way through this situation, the guy would be better off staying near home and getting healthy rather than hanging on to his seat.

I’ll admit I am not a fan of Fetterman. We, Republicans, selected the wrong candidate to run against him—a guy with extreme liberal ideas and no practical experience to draw on.

Fetterman’s resignation wouldn’t hurt the Democrats, and the Democrat governor would pick a Democrat to take over the seat until a special election. Since we Republicans can’t seem to get our act together in Pennsylvania, another Democrat would likely be ushered into the Senate, where the other Democrat is struggling with pancreatic cancer.

In another bit of idiocy, citizen journalist James O’Keefe has been pushed out as the leader of Project Veritas.

Ten years ago, I interviewed O’Keefe for my column in The Washington Times and was suitably impressed. See https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jul/31/harper-guerrilla-journalism/

Many journalists “want me silenced and shut down,” O’Keefe said back then. “They don’t want to let people into their cartel.”

He confronts the powerful, asks them questions, and often gets shocking answers. He has also done far more serious journalism than many Washington reporters.

Some of his employees claimed that O’Keefe was disrespectful toward them, including one who said he was called a “pussy.”

Having worked in the media for a long time, I consider that sobriquet about as mild as they come.

I hope O’Keefe starts up another band of media mercenaries to confront the comfortable.

Finally, a Temple University policeman was murdered over the weekend as he tried to stop a carjacking on campus.

I got into trouble with the Temple cops and some colleagues when I wrote a few years back that teachers and students should be allowed to carry weapons on campus.

I’d been surrounded by a group of young teenagers from a nearby high school, spat upon, and threatened. Having studied martial arts for many years, I was able to scare the group off.

But I pondered what would have happened to some of my less prepared colleagues and proffered that weapons should no longer be banned at a public school in the middle of public streets.

One colleague slammed her office door in my face. Later, I got a call from the Temple cops that I would be fired if I was found carrying even a legal weapon on campus.

I hope next week is a better one!

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