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I know you wouldn’t guess it by the cover pictured above. If you didn’t see “NAVY” plastered in the center, you could be forgiven for thinking this was referring to firefighters or some other group of people. More on that point later…

The Navy conducted a survey called the “Health of the Force” to gauge how well it was doing in the areas of Sailor retention, healthy behaviors, and other longevity areas that concern the “people” side of things. You can read the survey here. Full disclosure, I took this survey. If you’ve been following this blog for sometime, you can guess that the results of the survey reveal a Navy in trouble, especially in terms of recruiting, and well, the first major graphic of the survey sure seems to indicate just that.

Sailors increasingly think that the Navy isn’t committed to them? Even the surveyors agreed that “The negative trend for all four of these protective factors is statistically significant.” But wait, it gets worse. When Sailors were directly asked if they would stay in or get out of the Navy, we get these numbers…


In the course of five years, we went from over 60% of young men intending to stay to retirement to just under 40%. This is really bad considering that men make up about 80% of the Navy. Female retention is always difficult, because the Navy is not family friendly (no matter how often they lie to themselves about it), so women are often stuck between “Have a family” and “Have a Navy career.” Seems like many are increasingly picking the former.

So I wonder what happened in 2018 that caused this dip? The top reason people cited for staying in was “benefits.” Hmmm…didn’t we change the retirement in 2018? Didn’t someone blog about that and said it was a bad idea? Who could have seen that coming?

Nahh, I bet cutting retirement benefits had nothing to do with the young people deciding that the military wasn’t a good long term fit for them.

But at least we’re doing well in the DEI arena, with all our mandatory training, right?

Ouch. Now, these graphs look bad, but I noticed an interesting paragraph above them:

I’m wondering how much of the high number in the graph an aggregate of many smaller numbers. Like, if sexism is a “problem” in the Navy, is it a big or small problem? Is it better now than before? The survey text and the graphs shows very different results, so I think too much is aggregated to get the finer details. The reality is though that for all the focus on racism and sexism training, we don’t seem to be getting better, or at least we aren’t perceived as any better.

Same goes for suicide. For all the money spent on prevention, its not making a difference. Normally people are fired for this, but instead we’ll keep pouring money down a drain while young people continue to kill themselves.

Apparently Navy Sailors like using drugs that aren’t just alcohol…who knew! The rise in cannabis use will impact recruiting in two ways. First, you’ll have to issue more marijuana waivers to get otherwise qualified people to join. Second, if anyone wants an easy ticket out of the Navy, they can just smoke a few joints and pop positive on a drug test.

Long time readers will remember when I predicted that to make numbers, Navy would turn off all the “early out” taps, extend contracts, lower standards and throw money at the problem? Well, this survey confirmed all of that. Here’s a section from the “enlisted retention” portion:

Remember when the Navy made headlines saying they “made their recruitment numbers!” this past year, and I said that was a prop to hide a big problem? Well, I was right. The Navy drained its DEP numbers (essentially a reserve of Sailors signed up but waiting for boot camp) to make that short term goal. Now future Sailors “are shipped to boot camp withing weeks or even days of contracting to serve.” See below.

The officers are no better. Here’s a few snippets from various fields:

The last graphic sums it up the best.

If you can’t fully man, or overman, the billets that we have at sea, then you’re not doing your job. Has anyone been held accountable for this mess? It’s obviously been going on for a long time. Why was nobody fired?

Here’s the sad truth: Health of the Force told us that despite all the efforts of our “manpower heroes,” we still perceive ourselves as racist and sexist (and remember that perception doesn’t have to match reality), we emptied our coffers to keep people in, nobody wants to stay to retirement age, and we can’t man the most critical jobs we have.

It’s going to be a bad few years for the Navy until they figure themselves out.

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At my job the “Biden Peak” which had led to layoffs since the middle of December took an odd turn. It was apparent that we weren’t going to have enough work for Thursday so people were given the option to take it off rather than come in for what would be a partial day. Several folks, particularly those who have long drives took them up on the offer and that combined with some unexpected orders gave us enough work to keep us to our normal midnight quitting time.

In the warehouse biz it’s not unusual to have a short week or two after the 1st of the year when the Christmas order rush and the Christmas returns rush ends but in the seven years I’ve been here as a temp and then a full time employee this was the las=test the first 40 hour week ever came.

We’ve got at least two more years of this thanks to the cowards who decided to let things ride rather than deal with a stolen election. We’ll pay for it more if it’s stolen again.

The more we’re hearing about the environmental disaster out of Palestine Ohio the worse it sounds, which is why the media/left is doing all it can to keep it quiet. Senator Vance’s challenge to the EPA to drive the water they insist is safe should frankly be enshrined in law. This is the price of selling your credibility.

There is a reason why Pipelines are a better choice for some things, but we can’t have choices that hurt donors of the left and we certainly can’t report on stories that reflect poorly on the Biden Administration.

So much for the greens actually caring, of course this is a red state so maybe environmentalists consider this just deserts.

Nikki Haley’s run for president brings up mixed feelings. It’s normal for a 2nd tier candidate to jump in to get some practice for the time when they might be a 1st tier candidate four years later and/or to lobby for a cabinet post or the VP slot if they do good enough but I agree with Kurt Schlichter that she really isn’t the right candidate for this environment.

That’s being said the attacks against her by the left and by folks like Ann Coulter have been SO over the top and so racist and sexist that once can’t help feel some sympathy for her and hope she puts up at least a credible campaign.

She’s not “evil” or “incompetent’s” she’s just to willing to play ball with the establishment who might eat her alive. She would likely make a competent president and certainly better than what we have now, of course that’s about as low a bar as you get.

It’s not often that I get angry with someone when they are agreeing with me and arguing a true and important moral point but that was my reaction when I saw that Andrew Sullivan is outraged that the press is trying to suppress reporting on the “Child Transition” calling it “The greatest scandal in gay rights history”.

While he is absolutely right about the scandal and the damage it causes journalism as he is one of the founders of this feast that is damaging children for a lifetime I don’t want to hear a word from him about it.

It was he who, contrary to his professed Christian/Catholic belief pushed to redefine marriage, in fact he was one of the earliest pushing for it not caring that the left who so celebrated his fight would not stop redefining words with “marriage” and would continue with “boy”, “girl”, “recession” and even “vaccine”.

Now the useful idiot is shocked SHOCKED that the avalanche that he helped start is not going where it should? I’d say more but it would not be possible for me to express the depth of my distain in a way consistent with decorum or Christianity so we’ll stop here.

I was going to talk about a podcast problem but then I saw Glenn Reynolds summery of how he would structure a course on the history of “White Supremacy”.

It’s not only exactly right but would likely be interesting and informative, If he considered actually teaching it and making it available online I’d consider taking it for the sheer pleasure of it (I find learning history fun and have since I was five).

I know that a lot of insty isn’t Glenn anymore but the day he stops writing will be a loss for a lot of people.