Archive for February 15, 2023

With Nikki Haley’s announcement the GOP field is now between her and Donald Trump and with that choice at this time Donald Trump is without question the frontrunner for my primary vote.

While Haley was a competent governor and was effective at the UN under Trump her record can’t compare to the former president. Furthermore Trump has already demonstrated a willingness to fight the culture wars which I don’t think Haley will.

There are several potential candidates that I would prefer Haley to, notably Sununu of NH and Hogan from Maryland and it goes without saying that if nominated I’ll support her over a Biden, a Harris or an Obama but for now she’s 2 of 2.

Update: Well it took less that 48 hours for Gov Haley to become an unacceptable candidate for a whole lot of the GOP.

So less that four months ago she was requiring the jab to see her at an event? And she wants the GOP nomination?

This puts her right on the line for disqualifying even in the general for me but I suspect it puts her over that line for a lot of GOP voters.

Update 2: Kurt Schlichter is a tad harder on her.