My 28th Amendment to Give DC Representation

Posted: March 7, 2023 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The left continues to be very loud in their quest to turn the city of DC into a state claiming they want to give the city full representation but in fact looking to gain political advantage.

However the problem of DC representation in congress is easily solved by my 28th Amendment to the Constitution:

  • Article One: For the purposes of congressional representation The District of Columbia and it’s population shall be treated as if it was a part of the state of Maryland and the citizens therein shall vote for Senatorial candidates in Maryland and shall be represented by the same
  • Article Two: For the purposes of creating congressional districts in the state of Maryland pursuant to Article one the District of Columbia shall be considered a single district unless the population of the district relative to the state of Maryland entitles it to more than one seat in the state’s delegation. If this takes place at least one districts must consist solely of territory in the District of Columbia.
  • Article Three: The votes of the District of Columbia in a presidential election shall be considered part of the vote in the State of Maryland and the population therein shall be counted toward the population of the state of Maryland when determining the number of electoral votes the State of Maryland shall possess.
  • Article Four: None of the above articles shall be interpreted to confer upon the state of Maryland or its legislature any sovereignty over the District of Columbia in terms of it’s governance including it’s governance of elections within said district.

Viola Full representation for the citizens of the District of Columbia.

If I was the GOP As soon as I had control of congress I’d introduce this as a Constitutional Amendment at their earliest opportunity and get it out to the states.

  1. Bill H. says:

    You are missing the main goal of the Democrats, which is not about the House of Representatives, but is about adding two Senators, who would reliably be Democrats.