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Supposedly this week the NYC DA is going to file charges against Donald Trump concerning the Stormy Daniels Business.

That this was already passed on by previous ambitions DA’s and that the charges even in liberal NY will have a very hard time sticking is not relevant. This is what Soros is paying for and if nothing else the DA’s and Secretaries of State that he has invested millions into over the last two decades have stayed bought.

It will be a fundamental change in American Jurisprudence and not in a good way.

The amount of pixels that are being generated is staggering and several theories have been advanced as to why this and why now. The two best that I’ve heard are this:

NY City is rapidly approaching Snake Plissken territory as actual dangerous criminals are let free to walk so it might be a good Squirrel moment not just for Biden and the dems but for the local DA as well who is making NY safe for the criminal class again.

and this from Matt Walsh via Instapundit:

Many predict that this move will backfire dramatically on the Democrats.

“If this happens, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory,” Elon Musk tweeted in response to a report about Trump’s potential pending arrest.

He’s not alone in thinking this way. “If they handcuff Trump, he is your next president,” Scott Adams predicts.

Trump Defense Lawyer Joe Tacopina agrees. “I believe this will catapult him into the White House.”

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire has another theory. “They want Trump to be the Republican nominee,” Walsh tweeted Saturday, referring to the Democrats. “That’s obviously the play here. There is no other conceivable reason to arrest and perp walk him on a bulls—t misdemeanor charge. I might be overestimating the tactical intelligence of the idiot power-hungry hacks behind this. But if there is any political strategy then that has to be it.”

I seem to recall they really wanted to run against Trump in 2016 and that didn’t work out so well for them.

I must say that I have to disagree with both Scott Adams and Elon Musk here in terms of the electoral effect.

The Trump voter is already highly motivated and this move isn’t going to make him any less motivated.

The GOP voter who doesn’t like Trump while seeing this as an injustice will not see it as a plus to vote him in after this.

And the people who don’t pay attention will shrug as they do not care.

More importantly as long as the Soros Dems are controlling the counts in Arizona, and PA, and Michigan and Wisconsin its not going to matter even if it means millions of more votes for Trump, because they’ll create millions more plus one at 1 AM as they did before.

The irony here is that the leftists who hate Trump would have been almost done with him if they didn’t bother to steal the last election. He would be in the final two years of his lame duck period which would have been quite a spectacle had they just played by the rules.

But I’m convinced that Trump is a money raiser for them even more than Pelosi & Obama were for the right. There are rich leftist, particularly in Hollywood who will practically pour out their wallets at the sound of his name.

Believe me every just like 10 years ago every Republican’s was Hitler to them every GOP candidate will be considered “Trump” or “Worse than Trump” for decades after he is dead and gone.

Remember it’s all about generating generational wealth for these guys. That’s the game.

Finally if I’m a Democrat office holder I’d be rather scared by all of this.

There are plenty of deep red states out there and plenty of very angry voters in such states. If I’m an ambitious GOP lawyer who wants to make a name for him or her self and generate giant fundraising money all I have to do is run in one of those deep red states and promise to look into high level national Democrats and do to them what is now being done to Trump.

Imagine if DeSantis decides to start opening up these kind of investigations. Pitcher Sarah Sanders doing the same in Arkansas, or Glenn Younkin’s Virginia going in that direction. Unless as a democrat you’re squeaky clean (sorry if you were drinking when reading that last sentence) this will now put a bullseye on your back that there will be plenty of office holders now and in the future to use this precedent against you.

Mitch McConnell once warned Harry Reid that his shenanigans on the filibuster would come back to haunt the left and sooner than they think. I suspect the same will come of this.

They really should have thought about that if they decide to go forward with this.

By John Ruberry

The left has a new mantra. Well, they always have a new one. And their newest mantra is, “The right doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘woke.'” 

As far as I can gather, the earliest use of “woke” was by African American musician Lead Belly, who added “stay woke” in an afterword of his recording of “Scottsboro Boys,” which was about the injustices faced by nine black youths accused of raping two white women in 1931. 

First, a brief side note: This is the second post in a row of mine at Da Tech Guy where Lead Belly gets a mention.

But words often change meanings. For instance, centuries ago “garble” meant “to sift.” In the spice trade “garbling” was the process of removing impurities from spices. Over time, “garble” evolved into meaning confusing, unclear, and yes, impure. For instance, someone might say, “I couldn’t understand the voicemail message you left for me, it was garbled.”

The definition of woke has similarly evolved. It appears woke made a reappearance in the public dialogue in 2016 after the police shooting of Michael Brown in 2016, but by 2020, conservatives had adopted and co-opted the word. People who are woke–this is my take–are rigidly beholden to far-left political beliefs and they will use mob action to enforce their viewpoints.

“Politically correct,” a term that emerged from the left, was similarly co-opted by the right, so liberals dropped it years ago. 

The word woke is a much more serious problem for the left, which is why libs, in a futile effort, are trying to reclaim it, or at least neutralize its meaning. After all, woke is an unpleasant word with only four letters and just one syllable, it is better suited for our contemporary sound bite and pithy headline culture, compared to the more cumbersome “politically correct.” Over the past week leftist journalists, an intellectually incestuous lot, pushed back. An opening to them was given by Bethany Mandel, the co-author of the best seller Stolen Youth, which is about the dangers of woke culture. Last week, in an interview captured on video–one that went viral–Mandel suffered, in her words, “a momentary brain freeze,” and she wasn’t able to clearly answer a question about the definition of woke.

But shortly afterwards on Twitter, Mandel was able to clarify what woke means.

“A radical belief system suggesting that our institutions are built around discrimination,” Mandel Tweeted last week, “and claiming that all disparity is a result of that discrimination. It seeks a radical redefinition of society in which equality of group result is the endpoint, enforced by an angry mob.”

Since Mandel’s verbal misstep, leftist writers have attacked the woke word. In MarketWatch, Rachel Koning Beals has tried to dial back the new meaning of woke–as has Ross Douthat in the New York Times.

Just now, as I was finishing up this entry, I watched as Jen Psaki, in the premiere airing of her MSNBC show declare, “Republicans have gone all-in on their anti-wokeness.” Psaki, a smug know-it-all, then presented a one-sided view of Mandel’s “momentary brain freeze.”

All but admitting defeat in the word war, Matthew Cooper in Washington Monthly says the word needs to be disposed. The headline of his article is, “Let’s retire the word ‘woke.'”

Too late!

The legacy media is up woke creek without a paddle.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has often said, “Florida is where woke goes to die” and vows that “we will never, ever surrender to the woke mob.”

This month two woke mobs attacked in California. The Federalist Society invited a US Appeals judge, Kyle Duncan, who was appointed to the bench by Donald Trump, to speak at the Stanford Law School. Only the mob, the led by the school’s diversity, equity, and inclusivity dean, Tirien Steinbach, all but prevented the judge from speaking. Diversity to the left hasn’t meant diversity of opinion for years.

Shortly afterwards, the dean of the Stanford Law School, Jenny Martinez, apologized for the beastly misbehavior Duncan received, which led another woke mob to disrupt her lecture hall.

In my opinion, outside of the ten percent or so of the populace who is indeed woke, no one can argue that such boorish antics are justifiable.

As is also the case of the second California campus woke outburst, when Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk spoke at the University California, Davis. “Black-clad goons” goons is how the Daily Mail described the protesters who pepper-sprayed attendees and smashed windows at the hall where Kirk spoke.

Kirk’s UC Davis address is available in podcast form. Unlike Duncan, Charlie was permitted to speak. And in his opening remarks, Kirk vowed, “Tonight, you’re going to see that anyone who disagrees with me tonight is not just allowed–but is encouraged to go ask [me] a question.” Kirk even called for his dissenters to head to “the front of the line.”

Now, that’s what I call diversity.

Those leftist protesters–I believe it’s fair to call them rioters–were probably egged on by a woke Sacramento Bee opinion columnist, Hannah Holzer, who, in a since retracted claim, said Kirk “called for the lynching of trans people.” In his remarks that evening at UC Davis, Kirk responded, “That is a lie. I have never done that,” adding, I’ve always been clear about peaceful activism.”

The unpeaceful ones that night at UC Davis were the members of the woke mob.

The great majority of Americans don’t have politics on the top of their informational diet. But this truly silent majority, the ones who decide the outcome of elections, is aware of the evils of leftist violence, intimidation, misinformation and censorship. And now there is an ugly word for that and more that is now entrenched in the mainstream conversation.

“Woke” is that word.

To my conservative writers and influencers: The other side has betrayed a weakness and a fear. They hate it when we say “woke” to decry radical policies and angry leftist mobs. What is worse than “woke?” Well, those odious things that the word describes, such as the recent outrages at Stanford and UC Davis.

Say “woke” early and often.

We will win.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Here is the draft for the Dynasty 80 game 1996 draft league that I’m running. It will be regularly updated as picks are made.

Pittsburgh1Curt SchillingSPPhil2 Jason Kendal C Pittsburgh
Toronto1Juan GuzmanSP Tor2Ellis BurksOF Colorado
Minnesota1Pedro MartinezSPMont2Jason Giambi1BOakland
Florida1Barry BondsOF SF2Sammy SosaOF Cubs
Cincinnati1Ivan RodriguezCTexas2Lance JohnsonCFMets
Houston1Tom GlavineSPAtlanta2Dante BitchetteOFColorado
Boston1Roberto Alomar2BBaltimore2Al LeiterSP Florida
Seattle1Jeff FasseroSPMontreal2Albert BelleOF Cleveland
Chicago 1Mark McGuire1BOakland2Omar Visquel SSCleveland
Los Angeles1Tim SalmonOF California2Ramon MartinezSPLos Angeles
San Diego1Kenny LoftonCFCleveland2Todd HundleyCMets
Cleveland1Kevin AppierSPKansas City2Edgar Martinez1BSeattle
Baltimore1Brady AndersonOFBaltimore2Bobby BonillaOFBaltimore
St. Louis1Brian JordanOF St. Louis2Ozzie SmithSSSt Louis
Atlanta1Larry WalkerOFColorado2John WetlandRPYankees
New York1Juan GonzalezOF Texas2Rey Durham2BWhite Sox

Each team was allowed to keep 2 batter and 2 pitchers from the franchise they choose. All other player were released into the draft along with the full rosters of all the teams not chosen. Normally we hold a timed Draft but due to my schedule the 1st day I have free for it is April 1st so until then we will have an “informal” draft when players submit their picks to me when they can.

With the first overall pick (due to their record in 1996) the Pittsburgh Pirates took starting pitcher Curt Schilling of the Phillies.

The real Curt Schilling approves

Some people may not know that Schilling was a big gamer even before the days of computers in every home. His old Status Pro Baseball card used to have his Squad Leader Rating on it. (Both were by the Avalon Hill gaming company)

On to round 3

Pittsburgh3 Mel RojasRPMontreal 4 Dean Palmer 3B Texas
Toronto3 Troy PercivalRP California 4 Ken Hill SP Texas
Minnesota3 Javy LopezCAtlanta 4 Billy WagnerRP Houston
Florida3 Vinny Castilla3BColorado 4 Mark Portugal SP Cincinnati
Cincinnati3 Eric Young2B Colorado4 Tim BelcherSP Kansas City
Houston3 Terry SteinbachCOakland 4 Tom GoodwinOF Kansas City
Boston3 Jay BuhnerRF Seattle 4 Scott Brosius 3B Oakland
Seattle3 Chuck FinleySP California 4 Jeff Cirillo 3B Milwaukee
Chicago 3 Steve FinleyOF San Diego 4 Steve TrashellSP Chicago (n)
Los Angeles3 Raul MondesiRF Los Angeles 4 Jessie OroscoRP Baltimore
San Diego3 Mark Grace1B Chicago (N) 4Mark McLemore2BTexas
Cleveland3 Bernard GilkeyOF New York (N) 4Bobby HigginsonOFDetroit
Baltimore3 Todd Zeile3B Baltimore 4Randy MyersSPBaltimore
St. Louis3 David ConeSP New York (A) 4Mike BelickiSPAtlanta
Atlanta3 Jim EdmondsOF California 4Tino Martinez1BNew York (a)
New York3 Andres Galarraga1B Colorado 4Todd StottlemyreSPSt. Louis

And now five and six

Pittsburgh5 Andy StankowitzssMontreal 6 John Jaha 1BMMilwaukee
Toronto5Rusty Greer Of Texas 6Omar Oliveras SPDetroit
Minnesota5 Ben MacDonaldSPMilwaukee 6 Darryl KyleSP Houston
Florida5 Denny NeagleSPAtlanta 6 Joe Giradi C New York (a)
Cincinnati5 Rickey HendersonOFSan Diego 6 Dave BurbaSP Cincinnati
Houston5 Mark GrudzalaniekInfMontreal 6 Matt Williams3B San Francisco
Boston5 Donovan OsborneSP St. Louis 6 Turk Wendell SP Chicago (N)
Seattle5 Dan Wilson CSeattle 6 Dave Nilsson RF Milwaukee
Chicago 5 Pedro AstacioSP Los Angeles 6 Mike McFarlaneC Kansas City
Los Angeles5 Delino DeShields2B Los Angeles 6 Kevin TapaniSP Chicago (a)
San Diego5 John Burkett SP Texas 6Dave MartinezOFChicago (a)
Cleveland5 Wilson AlverezSP Chicago (A) 6Benito SantiagoCPhiladelphia
Baltimore5 Chili DavisDH California 6Quilo Veras2BFlorida
St. Louis5 Jeff FRye2B Boston 6Dennis CooRPTexas
Atlanta3 Mark WohlersRP Atlanta 6Rickey bottleticoSP Philadelphia
New York3 Charles JohnsonC Florida 6BJ ShurhoffCBaltimore

And now seven and eight

Pittsburgh7 Ernie YoungCFOakland 8Moises Alou OF Montreal
Toronto7 Brian McRaeCF Chicago (N) 8 Mike Lansing2BMontreal
Minnesota7 Rex Hudler2BCalifornia 8 Harold BainesDH Chicago
Florida7 Mariano Duncan2BNew York (A) 8 Billy Taylor RP Oakland
Cincinnati7 Wade Boggs3BNew York (A) 8 Mark ClarkSP New York (N)
Houston7 Otis NixonCFToronto 8 Mark GutherieRP Los Angeles
Boston7 Reggie JeffersonOF Boston 8 Walt Weiss SS Colorado
Seattle7 Tim Narhering3B Boston8 Mike Stanton RP Texas
Chicago 7 Jeff ShawRP Cincinnati 8 Ken RyanRP Philadelphia
Los Angeles7 Ron GantOF St Louis 8 Mike MoehlerRP Oakland
San Diego7 Scott EricksonSP Baltimore 8Jeff ConineOFFlorida
Cleveland7 Tony PhilipsLF White Sox 8Jose ValentinSSMilwaukee
Baltimore7 Eric PlunkRP Cleveland 8Rheal CormierPMontreal
St. Louis7 F. P. SantangeloINF Montreal 8Willie McGeeOFSt. Louis
Atlanta7 Jose OffermanINF Kansas City 8Chris HoilesCBaltimore
New York7 Geronimo BerroaOF Oakland 8Al MartinOFPittsburgh

And now nine and tent

Pittsburgh9 Terrell WadeP Atlanta10 Mike Stanley CBoston
Toronto9 John Valentin SSBoston 10 Tom Pagzznosi c St. Louis
Minnesota9 Mark WhitenOFSeattle 19 Royce ClaytonSS St Louis
Florida9 David Segui1BMontreal 10 Rick Honeycutt RP St. Louis
Cincinnati9 Dwight GoodenSPNew York (A) 10 Kenny RogersSP New York (A)
Houston9 Andy AshbySPSan Diego 10 Jaime NavaroSP Chicago (N)
Boston9 Rod BeckRP San Fransisco 10 Devon White CF Florida
Seattle9 Ugueth UrbinaRP Montreal 10 Randy Velarde 2B California
Chicago 9 Paul O’NeilRF New York (A) 10 Marty CordovaOF Minnesota
Los Angeles9 Rich BeckerCF Minnesota 10 Greg GagneSS Los Angeles
San Diego9 Nomar GarciaparraSS Boston 10Andrew JonesOFAtlanta
Cleveland9 Orel HershiserSP Cleveland 10Ryan KleskoOFAtlanta
Baltimore9 Kurt Manrwing CHouston 10Eddie GuardadoRPMinnesota
St. Louis9 Kevin Ritz PColorado 10Julio Franco1BCleveland
Atlanta9 Jeff KentIF Cleveland 10Jim EisenreichRFPhiladelphia
New York9 Joey HamiltonP San Diego 10Scott Rolen3BPhiladelphia

Eleven and Twelve

Pittsburgh11 Paul AssenmacherPCleveland 12 Brett Boone 2B Cincinnati
Toronto11 Mike JacksonP Seattle 12 Ed Sprague 3B Toronto
Minnesota11 Bill Mueller3BSan Francisco 12 Garret AndersonOF California
Florida11 Fred McGriff1BAtlanta 12 Edgardo Alfonzo 2B New York (N)
Cincinnati11 Mike FettersPMilwaukee 12 Reggie SandersOF Cincinnati
Houston11 Rich AmaralIF/OF Seattle12 T. J MathewsP St. Louis
Boston11 Tim WorrellP San Diego 12 Ruben Rivera OF New York (A)
Seattle11 Bob TewksburyP San Diego 12 Kevin Seitzer Inf Cleveland
Chicago 11 Ryne Sandberg2B Chicago (N) 12 John FrancoRP New York (N)
Los Angeles11 Travis Fryman3B Detroit 12 Ozzie GuillenINF Chicago (A)
San Diego11 Ron Karkovice CChicago (A) 12Chan Ho ParkSPLos Angeles
Cleveland11 Greg McMichaelRP Atlanta 12Bruce RuffinPColorado
Baltimore11 Jimmy KeySP New York (A) 12Danny DarwinSPHouston
St. Louis11 Darin FletcherC Montreal12Tim CrabtreePToronto
Atlanta11 Jose VizcianoINF Cleveland 12Sandy AlomarCCleveland
New York11 Todd WorrellRP Los Angeles 12Pete HarnischPNew York (N)

And now Thirteen and Fourteen

Pittsburgh13 Sean EstesSPSam Francisco 14 Kevil Elster ss Texas
Toronto13 Cecil Fielder1B New York (a) 14 Sid Fernandez SP Philadelphia
Minnesota13 Johnny DamonOFKansas City 14 Doug BotchlerRP San Diego
Florida13 Greg VaughnOFSan Diego 14 James Baldwin SP Chicago (a)
Cincinnati13 Will Clark1BTexas 14 Tim WakefieldSP Boston
Houston13 Ron VilloneRPMilwaukee 14 Antonio AsunaRP Los Angeles
Boston13 Roger PavlikSP Texas 14 Mike Sweeney C Kansas City
Seattle13 John FlahertyC Toronto 14 Dave Justice OF Atlanta
Chicago 13 Jose Rosado SPKansas City 14 Terry AdamsRP Chicago (N)
Los Angeles13 Dennis EckersleyRP St Louis 14 Brian HunterOF Houston
San Diego13 Scott RadinskyRP Los Angeles 14Darren HolmesRPColorado
Cleveland13 Hal Morris1B Cincinnati 14Tony CastilloRPChicago (A)
Baltimore13 Brett ButlerCF Los Angeles14Jose PaniaguaRPMontreal
St. Louis13 Mark LangstonSP California 14Omar DaalRPMontreal
Atlanta13 Rick HellingP Florida14Mike JamesRPCalifornia
New York13 Henry RodriguezOF Monreal 14Fernando ValenzuelaSPSt. Louis

Fifteen and Sixteen

Pittsburgh15 Dan PlesacRP Pittsburgh16 Mike Holtz P California
Toronto15 Kent Bottenfield RPChicago (N) 16 Chad Ogea SP Cleveland
Minnesota15 Steve AverySPAtlanta16 Bob PattersonP Chicago (N)
Florida15 Bobby JonesPNew York (N) 16 Brad Ausmus C Detroit
Cincinnati15 Tony Clark1BDetroit 16 Luis GonzalezOFChicago (N)
Houston15 Pedro BorbonRPAtlanta 16 Rey OrdonezSS New York (N)
Boston15 Chris HaneySP Kansas City 16 Francisco Cordova P Pittsburgh
Seattle15 Daren OliverSP Texas16 Allen Mills RP Seattle
Chicago 15 Mike GraceSP Philadelphia 16 Matt MieskeOF Milwaukee
Los Angeles15 Arthur RhodesP Baltimore 16 Darryl HamiltonCF Texas
San Diego15 Mike Maddux PBoston 16Fransisco CordoaPPittsburgh
Cleveland15 Tom GordonSP Boston 16Julian TavarasRPCleveland
Baltimore15 Lee SmithRP Cincinnati 16Darren BraggCF Boston
St. Louis15 Chuck McElroySP Texas 16Norm Charlton RPSeattle
Atlanta15 Doug JonesRP Milwaukee16Scott KarlSPMilwaukee
New York15 Jeff JudenSP Montreal 16Dave HollinsInfSeattle

Fifteen and Sixteen

Pittsburgh17 Bill SimasRPChicago (A) 18 Mark Leiter P Montreal
Toronto17 Jim PooleRP San Francisco 18 Paul Shuey P Cleveland
Minnesota17 Jose BautistaRPSan Francisco 18 Tony Batista2B Oakland
Florida17 Jeff BlauserSSAtlanta 18 Huck Flener P Toronto
Cincinnati17 Randy KnorrCHouston 18 Tim BogarInf New York (N)
Houston17 Kevin MitchellOFCincinnati 18 Roberto KellyRFMinnesota
Boston17 Mark WilkinsRP Pittsburgh 18 Jeff Reed C Colorado
Seattle17 Tony FossasRP St Louis 18 Cal Eldred SP Milwaukee
Chicago 17 Charlie O’Brien CToronto 18 Carlos GarciaInf Pittsburgh
Los Angeles17 John Olerud1B Toronto 18 Bob WickmanP Milwaukee
San Diego17 Tom LampkinC San Francisco 18Cory BaileyPSt. Louis
Cleveland17 Tom CandiottiSP Los Angeles 18Tyler HoustonCChicago (N)
Baltimore17 Lenny Webster CMontreal 18Luis Sojo2BYankees
St. Louis17 Jim LeyritzC New York (A) 18Oswaldo FernandezSPSan Francisco
Atlanta17Terry MulhollandSP Seattle18Barry ManuelRPMontreal
New York18 John Mabry1B St Louis18Jeff ParrettPPhiladelphia

Nineteen and Twenty

Pittsburgh19 Joe CarterOFToronto 20 Damon Buford OF Texas
Toronto19 Mike LeiberthalC Philadelphia 20 Pat Mears SS Minnesota
Minnesota19 Derek BellOFHouston 20 Jeff MontgomeryRP Kansas City
Florida19 Tony PenaCCleveland 20 Rondell White CF Montreal
Cincinnati19 Mike Gallego2BSt. Louis 20 Tim DavisRP Seattle
Houston19 Dario VerasRPSan Diego 20 Paul SpolijaricRP Toronto
Boston19 Moberto MartinSS Chicago (A) 20 Carl Everett OF New York (N)
Seattle19 Greg Jeffries 1BPhiladelphia 20 Mike Campbell RP Chicago (N)
Chicago 19 Lenny Harris UTCincinnati 20 Dave MlickiRP New York (N)
Los Angeles19 Dave VerasRP Montreal 20 Steve ReedRP Colorado
San Diego19 Ariel PietroP Oakland 20Jack McDowellSPCleveland
Cleveland19 Chuck CarrOF Milwaukee 20Kevin StockerSSPhiladelphia
Baltimore19 Doug DrakeckSP Houston 20Joey EichenRPDetroit
St. Louis19 Mike Morgan SPCincinnati 20Fernando Vina2BMilwaukee
Atlanta19 Alan EmbreeRP Cleveland 20Kirk ReuterSPSan Francisco
New York19 Rick WilkinsC San Francisco 20Joey Cora2BSeattle

Twenty One and twenty two. Starting round 22 people could drop out of the draft and choose “early waivers” electing to take players before the normal waivers period beings (after week 5)

Pittsburgh21 Willie AdamsPOakland 22Glenallen HillOFSan Francisco
Blue Jays21Mark HuttonSPFlorida 22 Bil Risely P Toronto
Minnesota21 Brian JohnsonCSan Diego 22 Sean BergmanSP San Diego
Florida21 Luis Castillo2BFlorida 22 Sandy Martinez C Toronto
Cincinnati21 Larry ThomasPChicago (A) 22 Buddy GroomRP Oakland
Houston21 Quinton McCrackenOFColorado 22 Sean Berry3B Houston
Boston21 Leo Gomez3B Chicago (N) 22 Pete Incaviglia OF Baltimore
Seattle21 Alex GonzalezSS Toronto 22 Hector CarrascoP Cincinnati
Chicago 21 Kurt Abbott Inf Florida 22 Carlos ReyesP Oakland
Los Angeles21 Aaron SeleSP Boston 22 Steve DeckerC Colorado
San Diego21 Graeme LloydRP New York (A) 22Phil Nevin3BDetroit
Cleveland21 Matt StairsOF Oakland 22Jim CorsiRPOakland
Baltimore21 Gary DiSarcinaSS California 22EARLY WAIVERS
St. Louis21 Tim RainesOF New York (A) 22Shawn DunstonSSSan Francisco
Atlanta21 Mark Lewis2B Minnesota 22Ron Coomer1BMinnesota
New York21 Wally Joyner1B San Diego 22Bobby WittSPYankees

And now Twenty Three and Twenty Four

Toronto23 Mark Petkovsek SPSt Louis 24 Toby Borland P Philadelphia
Minnesota23 Scott Stanhovisk1BMinnesota 24 Jorge Fabregasc California
Florida23 Justin ThompsonP Detroit24 Todd Jones P Houston
Cincinnati23 Chris Sabo3BCincinnati 24 Jeff RussellPTexas
Houston23 Jeff DarwinPChicago (A) 24 Joe OliverC Cincinnati
Boston23 Vince ColemanOF Cincinnati 24 Blas Minor RP Seattle
Seattle23 Dan NaultyRP Minnesota 24 Eddie Perez C Atlanta
Chicago 23Joe Randa 3B Kansas City 24 Chad CurtisOF Los Angeles
Los Angeles23 Jeff RebouletInf Minnesota 24 Rafael BournigalINFOakland
San Diego23 Mark Brandenburg PBoston 24Matt RubelPPittsburgh
Cleveland23 Willie Blair PSan Diego 24Dave Magadan3BChicago (N)
St. Louis23 Mike GreenwellOF Boston 24Marc NewfieldLFMilwaukee
New York23 Mickey Tettleton1B Texas 24Jeff NelsonPNew York (A)

Twenty Five and Twenty Six

Toronto25 Dean HartgravesRP Atlanta 26 Eric Anthony OF Colorado
Minnesota25 Ed VosbergRPTexas 26 Woody WilliamsP Toronto
Florida25 Matt KarchnerPTexas 26 Jeff D’Amico P Milwaukee
Cincinnati25 Dave ValleC Texas26 Matt LawtonOF Minnesota
Houston25 Mark DeweyPSan Francisco 26Bip Roberts 2B Kansas City
Boston25 Rickey GutierrezSS Houston 26 Wil Cordero 2BBoston
Seattle25 Rick Huisman RPKansas City 26 Doug Linton P Kansas City
Chicago 25 Erick Hanson PToronto 26 EARLY WAIVERS
Los Angeles25 Mark Loretta2B Milwaukee 26 Frank CastelloPChicago (N)
San Diego25 Brien GilesOF Cleveland 26Darryl StrawberryOFNew York (A)
Cleveland25 Donnie WallP Houston 26Russ SpringerPPhiladelphia
St. Louis25 Luis Alicea2B St Louis 26Pat BordersCChicago (A)
New York25 Rich RobertsonP Minnesota 26Don SlaughtCChicago (A)

Twenty seven and twenty eight

Toronto27Jermaine DyeOF Atlanta28Terry Pendelton3BAtlanta
Minnesota27Scott ServaisRPCincinnati28George Aries3B California
Florida27Troy O’LearyOFBoston28Darin Erstad CFCalifornia
Cincinnati27Rob DeerOFSan Diego28Milt CulyerCFBoston
Houston27Felipe LiraPDetroit28Mike MunozPColorado
Boston27Eddie Taubensee CCincinnati28Curtis PrideOFDetroit
Seattle27Craig PaquetteLF Kansas City28Mickey Morandini2B Philadelphia
Los Angeles27Paul ByrdP New York (N)28Jim MercerRPNew York (A)
San Diego27Rey SanchezSSChicago (N)28Willie Greene3BCincinnati
Cleveland27Keith Lockhart 2BKansas City 28Orlando MillerSSHouston
St. Louis27Stan Javier2BOakland30Mike PerezPChicago (N)
New York27Robert PersonRPNew York (N)31Kimera BartreeOFDetroit

Rounds 29 and 30

Toronto29 Marvin BernardOF San Francisco 30 Brian Hunter1B Seattle
Minnesota29 Soloman TorrezSPSeattle 30 Jeremy BurnetzOF Milwaukee
Florida29 Cliff FloydOFMontreal 30 Mike Matheny C Milwaukee
Cincinnati29 Daren LewisOFChicago (A) 30 Mike MyersRP Detroit
Houston29 Craig GrebeckInfFlorida 30 Alex OchoaOF New York (N)
Boston29 Allen Watson PSan Francisco 30 Bobby AlivaRP Seattle
Seattle29 Jason SchmidtSP Pittsburgh30 Pat ListachOF Milwaukee
Los Angeles29 Jessie LevisC Milwaukee 30 Rich GarcisRP Boston
San Diego29 Dennis MartinezSP Cleveland 30EARLY WAIVERS
Cleveland29 Michael Tucker OFKansas City 30EARLY WAIVERS
St. Louis29 Bryce FlorieP Milwaukee 30Matt WallbeckCMinnesota
New York29 Danny TartabulOF Chicago (A) 4Rick AguliaraRPMinnesota

Rounds 31 and 32

TeamRoundPlayerPositionTeam RoundPlayerPositionTeam
Minnesota31Pete SchourekPCincinnati32EARLY WAIVERS
Florida31Bill Spiers2BHouston32EARLY WAIVERS
Cincinnati31Don WengertRPOakland32Paul QuantrellSPToronto
Boston31Richie LewisRPDetroit32Jack Howell3BCalifornia
Seattle31Paul WilsonSPDetroit32EARLY WAIVERS
Los Angeles31 Pat RappSPFlorida32EARLY WAIVERS
New York31Armando ReynosoSPColorado32Charlie Hayes3BNew York (A)
Cincinnati and Boston choose early Waivers

Round 33 the end

TeamRoundPlayerPositionTeam on Card
New York33Jason IsinghasuenSPNew York (N)
Cincinnati and Boston choose early Waivers