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Sir Humphrey Appleby: Open government, Prime Minister. Freedom of information. We should always tell the press freely and frankly, anything, that they could easily find out some other way

Yes Prime Minister: The Grand Design 1986

For two days now the left has been on full attack mode on Tucker Carlson for showing part of the J6 tapes that had been withheld from public view by the Democrat left.

There were a lot of adjectives thrown around by people who should know better but because they have become balkanized, jumped in two feet to express their condemnation at the images shown.

The anger of the left over this assault on their narrative was impressive but the source of these attacks is the fact that there is one word that can’t be credibly used to describe these images:


That’s because those images came directly from McCarthy and furthermore said images, like the origins of the COVID virus, the actions of Harvey Weinstien and even the actions of Jeffrey Epstein were known to many who are now screaming bloody murder over them being seen by you because the problem it poses for them is the same.

They don’t care if J6 wasn’t the insurrection they claimed or if COVID did come from a lab in china funded by Fauci or that Harvey Weinstein was making actresses bang him for parts or even if Jeffrey Epstein was pimping out underage girls for the rich, powerful and connected to use as their playthings. These are facts they’ve known for years and have ignored them or used the false narratives for their own ends.

What they object to is YOU knowing these facts because once these facts are publicly known they have to publicly react to them in a way that at best doesn’t reward them and at worst puts them and their positions at risk.

In other words these facts reveal them for what they are cowards, scum or just indifferent to their fellow man.

Pray for them.

Postscript: This observation from Mr. Hoge is worth noting

At the end of 2020, various friends from around the country asked me for advice about the where to stay in the DC area and the best routes in and out of town. They were all coming for rallies on 6 January. I gave my opinions on accommodations and other logistics—and I advised them to stay away from the Capitol Building and to let Congress do whatever it would do. Given that the Democrats were in control of both houses, it seemed to me that they had some sort of trap set for any demonstrations that strayed onto the turf under their exclusive control.

Thus far, nothing on the surveillance video aired by Fox has surprised me, and I presume the worst is yet to be revealed.